Attack on US Base Repulsed in Afghanistan

Afghan guerrillas attacked a US forward operating base in Gardez, Paktia Province, on Friday. NATO issued a press release, saying “The attack began when a vehicle, followed closely by four suicide vest-wearing insurgents, attempted to breach a fortified area of the base.” The attackers were forced to flee or were killed, and there were no US casualties. (The Taliban spokesman made typically exaggerated claims in this regard).

Attacks on US bases, once rare, are becoming increasingly common and sophisticated.

In the Pushtun east, a bomb killed two Western troops, while a firefight in Laghman Province left 34 insurgents dead.

Meanwhile, almost 4000 complaints about the recent parliamentary election have flooded into the complaints commission, and international observers are increasingly willing to consider the possibility that the vote was so marred by fraud and irregularities as to be invalid.

The question raised by the CSM’s Dan Murphy a couple of days ago, as to whether the elections have finished off the democratic ideal in Afghanistan and given a large opening to the Taliban, becomes more salient with every passing day.

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  1. Guerrillas don’t attack fortified bases. Only organized well equipped substantial fighting forces would attack and American base camp. This is not a force that is being defeated; it is a force that is getting stronger and more organized. It is only a matter of time before they begin a full out frontal engagement, a real battle. Of course we can beat them on the field, but as the Vietnamese Colonel said, it is “irrelevant”. They can fight us over there forever, but we have to go home sometime.

    We can either stay there and more people will die for nothing, or we can leave now and fewer people will have died for nothing. The choice seems clear to me.

    May I suggest the blog, Ranger Against War, for an realistic military man’s view of what he calls “The Phony War on Terror” and the military situation? link to

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