Squirrel! – Stewart Skewers Media Islamophobia

Jon Stewart at the Daily Show has some fun with corporate media’s recent Islam obsession The funniest thing about the bit is his comparison of them to that dog in the animated film Up who can talk but who cannot help interrupting himself and shouting “Squirrel!” every time he espies one. Last week I saw a panel discussion on CNN with Wolf Blitzer on that kooky Florida “pastor” in which David Gergen sensibly blamed the news media for giving a nonentity such a big platform. The other guests went on obsessively talking about him for another hour. “Squirrel!”

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3 Responses

  1. Jason Easley at PoliticusUSA theorizes that Stewart and Colbert are destroying Fox News by educating the under 50/not yet senile crowd about their illogic . Ergo (heh heh), as Fox steadily loses its viewing audience to dementia and stroke, there won’t be sufficient numbers to replace them.

  2. There are ungratful ingrate Iraqi who are complaining about their own courts decision to award 400 million dollars to Americans harmed by Saddams unwelcom invasion of Quwait. The thing is by my undersanding the courts decision is that payments will be mad e in Iraqui Currency. Therefore by the time the benificairies can take their payments to the bank for conversion to US dollars they may have very little to actually deposite in to their accounts.
    The US has spent boo kuh amounts of money trying to rebuild the Iraqi economy. We have given the Iraqis what perhaps 40 billion or is it now 400 billion and what did we get for it why 4,000 dead brothers in arms. (I almost said commarades in arms but that sounded a little to socialist. I would never ever write anything like that on purpose.) So what is a measly 400 million when compared against billions? We even gave them the rope that they used to hand Saddam and his fellows.
    I think that when our military forces leave Iraq they can do so with their heads held high because they did such a wonderful job. Of course they all ready know that I only state it hear because many of your readers do not know that. Your readers should know that like the Canadian Mounties we always get our man figuratively speaking.
    We know that we always accomplish our mission because it says so right there in our OERs and EERs in black and white.
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