US Drone Strikes Kill 15 in N. Waziristan

The Associated Press does an important story about an intensive drone strike campaign by the US military since September 2 in southern Afghanistan and in Pakistan’s North Waziristan that has left 60 persons dead, among them innocent civilians.

On Tuesday alone, US drone attacks targeted suspected militants killed some 15 persons in the village of Dargah Mandi village on the outskirts of Miranshah, N. Waziristan’s main city.

The drone strikes have targeted fighters of the Haqqani network, one of five or so major insurgent groups fighting against the US & NATO presence in Afghanistan and against the Karzai government. Jalaluddin Haqqani is one of Ronald Reagan’s “Freedom Fighters,” who battled the Soviet occupiers of Afghanistan in the 1980s with American aid. He could not accept the US invasion and occupation of his country, either, and organized an insurgency now mainly led by his son Siraj. The Haqqani group is not Taliban but rather Mujahidin and has only a vague tactical alliance with Mulla Omar’s Taliban and similar groups.

Pakistani opposition to the US incursions against Pakistani sovereignty has been muted because of the vast flooding that has affected much of the country, and dealing with which has pinned down the Pakistani military. Another 25 villages in the Sindh province were submerged by flood waters on Tuesday. Hundreds of more villages are menaced by the waters of Manchhal Lake, which is now full to capacity and could overflow. Incredibly, the flooding continues to displace Sindhi villagers on a massive scale without generating much in the way of news in the US. The displaced are facing lack of potable water and food shortages.

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  1. I suspect that UAV attacks in Pakistan are carried out under a secret Status of Forces agreement with the gov’t of Pakistan. It’s an open secret that armed UAV’s are launched from Pakistani military airfields, going back several years. I believe that the USAF would want a Pakistani officer in the chain of decision to hit a structure in their sovereign territory, or some formal legal authority. After the secret bombings of the VN war, the USAF is attentive to their own legal liability issues.

    Different rules would apply for CIA controlled missiles (or other ‘decapitation’ attempts), such as a Presidential finding authorizing lethal operations. Recall that signing some of those findings left over from the Bush admin was one of the first items of business for President Obama, on Jan 20, 2009.

  2. President Obama’s ferocious bombing of flood ridden Pakistan is beyond shameful. I am appalled.

  3. I’ve linked this post here, and here along with other useful information such as:

    “It’s OUR war, but it’s THEIR secret – The White House is not giving any details of yesterday’s meeting on our AfPak war. But one thing IS known… our strategy has failed completely and dramatically.”

    And: “The AMERICAN war in Iraq continues as US extraction troops are called in to extricate Iraqi police and soldiers involved in a long battle with ‘insurgents’… You know… The citizens of Iraq.

    To wit… The “Headline Of The Day”: US ‘Non-Combat’ Mission in Iraq: Heavily Armed US Troops Clash with Insurgents”

    The (audio) commentary topic of the day is: “The Republicans – ‘Crooks And Pimps’ Who Have Done Incredible Damage To America”

    Auntie Imperial

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    • Thanks for letting me know, Leila. Has happened to me a couple of times, too. I probably will have to move the site to a more robust ISP. But please keep clicking– the outages seem to be seldom and not to last long.

  5. Dear Dr. Cole:

    Would you still recommend using Oxfam to donate to Pakistan flood relief? Does anyone know of places that will match donations like Oxfam did previously?

    God Bless

  6. “Obama To Nominate Elizabeth Warren To Temporary Position”

    This is no reason to hope, only another failure by President Obama to show that he is really a Democrat. This is typically shameful.

  7. I just learned so much from this post, but I have not missed CNN. More proof that TV news only makes us dumber. Our parents lived in such bliss.

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