Oceans Turning Acid from Carbon Emissions, Point to Biological Breakdown

The other problem with flooding carbon emissions into the atmosphere in such massive amounts, besides the certitude that it will cause the surface temperature of the earth to increase dramatically over time, is that it will also certainly acidify the oceans.

Enjoy those scallops while you can.

In fact, you can expect a general biological meltdown in the oceans by the end of the century, according to the Geological Society of London.

Parts per million of carbon in the atmosphere have increased from 280 before the Industrial Revolution to 391 at present. Scientists predict that anything over 350 will bring catastrophic climate change. The climate change issue is the more serious one, but the problem of the acidification of the oceans would be enough to argue for carbon emissions reduction all on its own, since the oceans are our life support system. Of course, acidification plus increased water temperatures could work together in very unpleasant ways for marine life.

The rate of massive carbon dumping in our air is increasing significantly year by year.

Here are the NOAA carbon readings from Mauna Loa, Hawaii:

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2 Responses

  1. What’s going on here? The USA, said to be a democracy, cannot act on global warming (CO2 and methane reduction) because the people have not been taught to see it as an emergency and because the corporations (ever short sighted and short-term-bottom-line oriented) interfere with useful action. And, as most fear, the corporations have much more to say about USA governance than the people, anyway.

    OK, what about the dictatorships? Is China doing any better? Apparently, yes, it is doing better, but it is not doing enough because it has a huge population eager to live “the good life” (i.e., in effect, to produce high amounts of CO2 and methane per capita).

    And no-one wants to take hard steps unless others will do so as well.

    Human race, kiss it goodbye.

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