On Beating Uppity Liberal Women: Afghanistan and Kentucky

Afghanistan style (Taliban version):

American style (Tea Party version):

For more on woman-stomper Tim Profitt and Rand Paul see HuffPo. The episode puts Paul’s youthful opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment for women in a whole new light.

Lauren Valle of MoveOn.org suffered a concussion and a sprained arm. It is not known what injuries the Afghan women suffered.

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8 Responses

  1. The use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, esp. for political purposes?

    If Profitt wasn’t a white, male Christian, Eric Holder would be involved by now.

  2. Fqailing to distinguish between these two incidents is either dishonest or ignorant journalism. In one case the act is in sync with social norms while in the other the actor would be generally considered an anti social boor. Why draw a paralell?

    • No, David. Beating women like that is not a social norm in Afghanistan. The Taliban were a scandal to most Afghans, with a 5 percent approval rating. In contrast support for Profitt is in double digits.

        • PS I don’t understand why ALL of those men who put their hands on her are not being charged.

  3. David Darman says
    In one case the act is in sync with social norms.

    With your reasoning David, I believe you will agree the atrocities committed by KKK & lynching was the social norm in the USA. The two social evils lasted much longer in the USA than the Taliban in Afghanistan.

    Professor Cole has already explained that beating women in Afghanistan is not the norm.

  4. In comparing the video clips, The Tennessee Taliban seems more vicious. He almost killed the poor woman by putting & pressing her head by his dirty shoe & weight.

    Yeah, you have to blame the camera angle.

    You are no Angel; it was a vicious attack by a Christian Taliban in Tennessee.

  5. It is a disgrace in Afghan culture, particularly Pashtun culture, to humiliate or strike the weaker members of society, women, in the public or private. These “taliban” are an alien group planted on Afghanistan by somebody.

    Next, is this striking done because shariah demands it? But I see the women in a group, and in proper hijab in a public place in the movie.

    If these “taliban” say they are enacting the sunnah of Sayyiduna Umar, the Second Caliph, then did Sayyiduna Umar ever do such a thing to women in public or private?

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