Settler Arsonists strike Palestinian Mosques, Qurans, as Israeli Army Belly Dancing Video Surfaces

Palestinians in the village of Beit Fajjar near Bethlehem say that Israeli settlers snuck into their mosque and set fire to it, as well as burning copies of the Quran. Photos of the scene show scorched rugs where the fires were put out, and charred pages of the Muslim holy book. Graffiti in Hebrew calling for ‘revenge’ and a scrawled star of David was left behind.

Click on the photo here to see a series of images of the effects of the arson.

The provocative attack (most reports make too little of the burned Qurans) came in the context of Israeli cabinet meetings deciding whether to extend a ban on the building of new Israeli colonies on the Palestinian West Bank. It may be that the Israeli squatters in the Palestinian territory were hoping to provoke their victims to violence, as a way of discrediting them and ensuring that right wing cabinet members do not waver in opposition to talks with Palestine Authority president Mahmoud Abbas. (It would be asked how an Israeli government could talk to ‘terrorists,’ which is what right wing Israelis call pretty much all Palestinians.)

Aljazeera English has video:

The mosque arson and Quran-burning are typical of militant squatter tactics. In the past 18 months they have committed dozens of acts of arson against Palestinian property, including orchards and buildings. Although the Israeli military, which administers the Palestinian West Bank, says it is concerned about such actions, the Israeli perpetrators are almost never punished (the typical pattern in colonial settler regimes).

The way in which Occupation functions to constantly humiliate Palestinians in their own homeland and to deprive them of basic human and civil rights, is further demonstrated in the video that just surfaced of an Israeli army soldier mock belly dancing around a blindfolded and handcuffed Palestinian woman prisoner.

In a reminder of the banality of evil, humiliating prisoners is a war crime according to the Third Geneva Convention: Part I, Art. 2, “(c) outrages upon personal dignity, in particular humiliating and degrading treatment;”

But then that estate is characteristic of most Palestinians under Israeli military occupation.

Here is the fragmentation of the Palestinian West Bank as pursued by Israeli settlers:

Courtesy InPursuitofJustice

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  1. The Israeli gov’t has been talking to Hamas “terrorists” for years while trying to secure the release of Gilad Shalit.

  2. If someday the recalcitrant Palestinians would be willing to let Israeli settlers and their backers — Israeli state militarist expansionist policymakers, the only ones left — possess most of the remaining, desirable areas of the West Bank, we could finally have peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

  3. What is really sad is that by the time the Palestinians do get control over even part of their country and a few of the refugees can return it seems that there will not be anything left to return to. Everything will be destroyed and the ground water will be pumped dry.

  4. “‘revenge’ and a scrawled star of David was left behind. ”
    -Sounds like the settlers watched Inglorious Basterds and got all pumped up on Jewish Rage. Another Baruch Goldstein skirmish.

    In a way, the entire country has been gained by terror and expulsion of Palestinians. But the US turns away from this continued terror, actually supporting it unconditionally. Does this stem from the power of the lobby, or American support of Israel? Definitely the lobby has a strong force to block any change in policy. Look at Obama; his hands are tied from his own party. Barbara Boxer drafts letters to Obama, with the hands-0ff Israel spiel, and she is one of the supposed left wing. (Making the Cairo speech was one thing, but he’s been eating crow every day since.)

  5. The activities or sentiments of so many Israeli seem at this time to be astoundingly immoral. I just do not understand.

  6. They aren’t “settlers”. They are violent thieves and hooligans with state sponsorship that operate outside of virtually all recognized law. A thief is a thief. A violent thief is repulsive to all coherent societies. A more accurate label is needed.

    • This is exactly what “settlers” almost always are, if you start to look behind the “breaking new (sic) ground in a land without (sic) people” propaganda…

  7. The people who did this do not represent the settlers. Most settlers are not very ideological. They live where they do because the houses are cheap, the neighborhoods are peaceful and friendly, and most of them have an easy commute to jobs in Jerusalem.

    “Rabbis Aharon Lichtenstein and Shlomo Riskin among those that visit mosque; bring new copies of Koran to replace those that were burned.”
    link to

  8. not directly on topic but I just looked up the 4th geneva convention.

    Art. 49. Individual or mass forcible transfers, as well as deportations of protected persons from occupied territory to the territory of the Occupying Power or to that of any other country, occupied or not, are prohibited, regardless of their motive.

  9. Someone should find that young woman and interview her. She had to be terrified. What about the camera person. A couple of arrogant assholes who should be prosecuted

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