Afghan Poll: We don’t Like Taliban but will Gladly Talk with Them

A summer, 2010, poll done in Afghanistan by the San Francisco-based Asian Foundation, the results of which have just been released, shows:

More and more Afghans, now the vast majority, say they have no sympathy with the insurgent groups fighting NATO and the Karzai government;

Most people support programs to lure Taliban and other fighters away from their role as guerrillas by offering them other economic opportunities in life;

Most Afghans support negotiations with the militants.

So the Afghan public doesn’t like them, wants to pull the plug on them, but is still willing to find a resolution through dialogue and compromise.

It is a pretty mature set of attitudes for a country that has been through decades of hell.

Unfortunately, it is guns, drugs, organization and C4 explosives that will be decisive, not opinion polls.

The CBC has more analysis.

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5 Responses

  1. …lure Taliban and other fighters away from their role as guerrillas by offering them other economic opportunities in life…

    All they want is a little plot of land where they can grow their dope and lift themselves out of grinding poverty. Awwwwww.

  2. This survey shows a big increase in the extent of Taleban-controlled areas in Afghanistan. The polling only took place in government-controlled areas and 213 out of 885 sampling points had to be changed from last year – mostly due to the area having fallen to Taleban control (occasionally the village has now disappeared or is inaccessible)

    Even in the government-controlled areas only 55% of Afghans would say they had no sympathy for for the Taleban, despite the fact that 62% of those surveyed agreed that it is not generally acceptable to talk negatively about the government in public. This in a poll organised by a US government agency.

    The polling organisation didn’t dare ask the sample if NATO forces should withdraw,
    of course.

    The main problems for Afghans remain unemployment, health care, electricity, water, roads and education and this poll shows that only 41% of Afghans feel more prosperous now than under the Taleban.

    The real story of this poll is the total failure of the surge and of military solutions to the problems of Afghanistan.

    • .
      We are going to make them like us, and appreciate what we are doing for them, even if it kills us them.

  3. Not to worry, President Obama has decided to leave American soldiers in Afghanistan till at least 2014 so we can go on destroying Afghanistan and spending untold amounts of money to destroy Afghanistan for no possible moral reason. President Bush will be pleased though.

  4. Adversity breeds maturity.

    That could also explain A LOT of what’s wrong in American society, including why their so scared-while-deriding America’s poor and homeless.

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