Los Angeles Times, November 17, 2010: “As NATO leaders meet in Lisbon this weekend, the U.S. is expected to endorse a plan for slow withdrawal and gradually handing over security responsibility by 2014.“:

“At a summit in Lisbon this weekend, Obama and other NATO leaders will endorse a plan to gradually turn combat responsibility over to the Afghan army and police by 2014, a timetable that will keep tens of thousands of U.S. combat troops in Afghanistan well beyond the end of Obama’s first term.”

Chicago Tribune, Feb. 27, 1964: “future military maneuvers in South Vietnam would see government troops increasingly taking the initiative.”

Chicago Tribune 1964 Article on Vietnam

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4 Responses

  1. You can teach a foreign army how to fight, but that doesn’t mean you can teach it who to fight. Like in Iraq we are attempting to develop an indigenous military force that will assume our military, security and political objectives, yet we have trouble enunciating them ourselves. But it must be pretty transparent to the Afghans that our objectives are almost always based on USA self interest.

  2. I am just sick of the war we are waging in Afghanistan (Pakistan as well). We have to leave completely and now, but President Obama wants war, war, war. I could not be more unhappy with President Obama about this war.

  3. Somewhere in my files i have a clipping from the LATimes, dated in 1961, mentioning a press release from Fort Ord, CA, that the US military was sending training and logistical support personnel to Vietnam to help the South Vietnamese army. All of the US wars seem to start and rundown with training and logistical support personnel in the field.

  4. Askari have long been in the employ of occupiers of conqured lands. These (Afghan) askari are not different than those of past empires. After being driven to dispair by the devistation of conquest and occupation, any source of income, perhaps the only, drives one to the “local” forces. If that is the predominate reason to join, than any hope of these forces having anything more than a wink and a hat tip to the wishes of the occupier are imperial pipe dreams. A mercenary is a mercenary.

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