“Don’t Touch My Junk”: The Rap Video

Mike Adams at NaturalNews.com has a rap video on the intrusiveness of the new TSA inspections at airports. It is based on the protest of passenger John Tyner’s protest of being searched up his inner thigh.

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6 Responses

  1. Every American traveling has to spend more time in the screening process, and get more radiation from the devices. When we measure the cost of our foreign policy we need to add these factors. We need to ask ourselves is the oil really worth it?

    • Dear daryoush ~
      Our foreign policy challenges do not derive from our need for oil … our security issues stem from our one-sided defense of Israel. The question we should be asking is whether this position is really worth it?

  2. We are worried enough about Terrorism that we will put our young people into the fray to be blown to bits over seas, but we, at home, can’t manage to deal with airport security without revealing how narcissistic and phallic fixated we are.
    Sad and disgusting.
    Some of these guys will be begging and paying to have their junk touched in a very few years! Get over yourselves!

  3. I have a metal hip due to an injury. The last time I flew out of Lihu’e, Hawai’i, the TSA officer put me in a glass cage and groped me in a way that was freaking humiliating. My wife, who watched outside the cage, nearly started crying – she was so upset. Passer-byers stopped to enjoy the fun. What a show I was for all!

    I’m not shy or a prude. I’m an athlete who is used to locker rooms and a lot of physical contact. I told the officer after he was done groping my junk that the next time I’m going to strip – in front of all the people. That would be better than being touched this way. Thus, I can understand the frustration of others.

    I respect the need for security. I don’t blame my government or the TSA. I blame Osama bin Laden. Yet this is not an acceptable response to possible threats. The Lihu’e airport now has full body imaging. Radiation or not, I’m choosing this option. Nobody will ever touch me like that again (unless it’s my wife).

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