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  1. I don’t agree with the term split personality – I think it’s only split, or in some way contradictory, if we approach it in a way which sees such symbols as totally incompatible. Many people often juxtapose a Lebanese girl in a mini-skirt with one in a veil and say the same thing but I think we should reject such terms.

    I see no reason why such images should not be viewed as representing the diverse social fabric of Lebanon. Indeed it wouldn’t surprise me at all if somebody both revered Fadhlallah and was into designer labels.

    To be sure, there are splits in the country – but along political lines!

  2. I have a tremendous respect for you but i have to disagree with you. You are implying that there is a conflict on a social level. Split personality means a conflict within. The individual differences between the inhabitants in the levant Lebanon and Syria existed for hundreds of years at one level or another but never by itself caused a conflict. Yes they have been exploited by few for political gains. These differences have always been the pride of the Levant inhabitants and still is, except for the very few. They embrace these differences. Yes, you might not have found a picture of a religious leader in al-Hamra before Hisballah but that does not imply a conflict at a social and personal level. And by the way, not that these two could not exist on a single column in the streets of Beirut, but I believe this picture that you used was doctored. The far left of the pic is taken from the inside of a room where the wall is well painted yellow with a light reflecting on the wall. There is a door that opens up to what could very well be a jewelry store front in al-Hamra. The poster in the middle looks like the one you use on a full door perhaps a glass door. The right side with the gray wall and Hisballah leader is a direct pic and is not showing through the opening of the door that shows the jewelry store. You get my point. I hope.

    • Leila, I took the picture! It was the same column, that is why I took it.

      I didn’t mean the split personality logo to be a dig at Lebanon. It isn’t an insult to say that they are trying to navigate modernity and heritage and that they choose elements of each. The point is to counter-act that one clip CNN keeps showing of Hizbullah fighters in ski masks. I’m saying it is way more complicated than that.

  3. it looks like two completley differt forms of advertising, one poster; the one with the beard, is posted over some thing else with scotch tape and Glue probably done hastily to avoid arrest and the other one looks more like an official slick legitimate comercial done by a proffessiional graphis artist . u say u took the Picture so tell us if that be the case. thanks

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