Ron Paul: We’ve Already Declared War on Iran

From last summer after the passage of the Comprehensive Iran sanctions or CISADA: Rep. Ron Paul argues that this measure is more or less a declaration of war on Iran, and that therefore we are effectively on a war footing with Tehran already. He also suggests that we do not need more than 700 bases around the world and are generally over-stretched financially and militarily, and in no position to declare new wars.

Meanwhile, Stephen Kinzer argues that the US should heed India’s good advice on how to deal with Iran.

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6 Responses

  1. Thanks for posting this. Love to hear Common Sense being spoken in Congress, in regards to our unproductive foreign policy.

    • Um, Rand Paul is Ron Paul’s son and is a Senator-elect and has not yet held public office. Ron Paul is a Congressman and Libertarian Constitutionalist and one of the only voices of sanity on the Hill.

  2. Representative Ron Paul is a voice crying in the wilderness. What does it matter that his views are correct? Ninety plus percent of the Congress and many members of the administration are in AIPAC’s pocket. Ron Paul is virtually alone among members of the government and citizens of stature in standing up to this powerful lobby.
    Israel wants an attack on Iran. Unfortunately, America does Israel’s bidding.

    • Well let’s get the word Paul speaks out to the people. There is a revolution and I believe it is getting out. Two years ago you would not of heard Dr. Paul’s opinion at all. Ron Paul for President!!!

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