Shimkus Pwned on 2 Percent Climate Claims

Rep. John Shimkus (R-Ill.) says that only 2 percent of the atmosphere is made up of greenhouse gases, and that only 2 percent of those gases are man made. He somehow seems to think that small proportions in such matters are unimportant.

But of course, we now know that Shimkus’s real problem is not that he is bad at math and science (which he is), but that he is bad at theology. He comes to the subject saying we don’t have to worry about climate change because after Noah’s flood, God promised not to destroy the world again. He wants to chair the Energy Committee.

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13 Responses

  1. One despairs. Just because – God won’t destroy the world – doesn’t mean we won’t.

  2. God may have said He wouldn’t destroy the world – He didn’t say We couldn’t. So even his theology makes no sense.

  3. You know, I went to Sunday school too, and Shimkus is full of it: what I remember is that the “promise” was not to unleash another world-destroying FLOOD. And where does this come from? “Won’t be water, but fire next time.” Which we seem to be well on the way to experiencing…

  4. You know, one really striking thing about people like Shimkus is that their arguments don’t hold up even on their own terms. I mean, that passage he read (thanks for posting that video) talks about how God said he wouldn’t kill everybody again. God says nothing one way or the other about whether humans will screw up and cause all sorts of damage. In fact, the passage indicates that God thinks we probably will.

  5. I think there is a subliminal political message that the anti warmers are on to. We as a nation really don’t care what happens to the rest of the world (apparently Israel is the exception).

    When the recent floods devastated a large segment of Pakistan, Prof Cole noted how little media coverage there was. The lead stories were concerned with how the natural devastation might impact and interfere with our own minor drone devastation in Waziristan. Since we have no drone program there, global warming induced tidal devastation of Bangladesh would pose less of a concern. We know from our reaction to the extreme political violence in Africa, that any Global Warming devastation will probably be blamed on the Africans, and be of no consequence to us.

    The quick destruction of Iraq and the slower destruction of Afghanistan made no dent in the aggregate American conscience. And do what you want in Yemen and the “Horn of Africa”, we don’t really need or care to know.

    If the case was made that Global Warming would favorably impact North America with a more temperate climate, longer growing seasons and adequate precipitation, the unspoken thought might be “bring it on”, or ” damn the carbon- burn baby burn”.

    For a rich and heavily armed nation such as ours, a simplistic “what, me worry?” political message has legs.

  6. people like Shimkus show us what the Republicans are, what they will dump on America and a clue of the small price the world will pay for buying the Christian right’s fealty.

    i don’t think they care one iota. they all believe they have “Get out of Jail” card: their religion promises no matter what they do they will be saved and so will their world

    a prime example of willful ignorance/my way or the highway thinking. they represent total insularity to the rest of the world and all the creatures in it. Humans will reap their “selfishness” as we are starting to see now with the loss of viable ecosystems, ours as well.

    being all part of the Earth doesn’t seem to get through their “religion.”
    too bad for the rest of us.

  7. If you read the Genesis account the deluge is described as ‘overwhelming the earth so greatly that all tall mountains were covered..’ and thus it was a global flood destroying everything. God promised not to repeat that event; partial flooding because of man’s destruction/misuse of the earth is actually prophesied in Rev. 11 when God must step in to ‘bring to ruin those ruining the earth’ before we completely wreck it. A better prophecy is Ps. 37:11 when the ‘meek inherit the earth and find their exquisite delight in the abundance of peace’. Until then, reading in context often illuminates true meaning and renders comments such as Shimkus’ as irrelevant.

  8. God gave mankind (and individuals) a free hand, free will, the opportunity to opt for evil, to be resolutely ignorant, to be resolutely egoistic. Many people have chosen all these paths, and many more act (or fail to act, much the same thing) because their education was lousy and their on-going education (MSM, etc.) fails to tell them of their options and the perils that face mankind and themselves.

    President Obama (like all presidents, past as well) COULD tell it like it is (as Al Gore more or less did in his movie about global warming), but they don’t. I imagine that the personality traits that make for a good candidate are the opposite of the traits that make for a good conservator of the earth. they (like most of us) are too busy being busy to take time out for the really important, the long-term.

  9. I don’t think that Rep. Shimkus believes a word he says .
    There is a saying – ” who pays the piper calls the tune “.
    The failure of the USA to do something about the ridiculous and exorbitant
    cost of political campaigns has led to serious ( and worsening ) problems .
    A nation with the best government money can buy is not a democracy .
    It’s an oligarchy .
    The only good puns are bad puns , so let’s spell that
    oiligarchy .

  10. You can be sure the “vast majority” of new House committee chairs will be certified twits who might be considered laughable … IF they weren’t so dangerous.

  11. That in USA such religious loonies could be elected senators means that all USA’s jokes about Muslims being backward are really jokes on USA.

    There are no better conditions in Israel as well.

  12. Someone please tell this fellow that Krypton is present in our atmosphere at levels of 1 part per million and we are looking to him to get rid of it before it causes our own planet to explode.

  13. The Book of Revelation flatly contradicts Shimkus and his Genesis account; it’s full of fire and the destruction of the world. Why should God destroy the world by flood, promise he won’t do it again ‘for man’s sake’, and then in Revelation proceed to do just that?

    Revelation 21:1 “Now I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away. Also there was no more sea.” (NKJV)

    who’ hoppen? they die in an accident? old age? with all the action in the preceding chapters, brought about by God’s angels, it sure looks like God is gonna destroy the world again, this time with fire.

    and if it’s not “for man’s sake”, one can only conclude God is a sadist (and therefore not worth worshipping), or John had one heckuva trip on some mushrooms in the area.

    Shimkus needs to go back to school. he needs to learn the difference between ‘faith’ and knowledge. wouldn’t hurt him to read the whole Bible himself, without mouthpieces giving their preferred passages and interpretations.

    and he also needs to realize that it’s the little things that are often the most important.

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