Fareed Zakaria Destroys Beck on Lunatic Islamophobia

On his indispensable television news magazine, GPS, Fareed Zakaria demolishes Glenn Beck’s mind-numbingly stupid assertion that ten percent of Muslims are terrorists. Zakaria’s courage in standing up to the hate-mongers should not be underestimated, and he is among those few now standing in the way of a Rupert Murdoch plot to foment physical attacks of a Ku Klux Klan sort on American Muslims, using his Fox Cable News to spread hate. Leaked memos over the years have repeatedly demonstrated that Fox is a propaganda organ where reporters are routinely instructed how to spin the news to favor the filthy rich and the US Republican Party (there, I’ve been redundant).

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16 Responses

    • Fox themselves admitted in a court case that they are not a news channel. Or something to that effect. I can’t find where it was but search Google, I’m sure you’ll find it.

  1. Zakaria made a good start and even suggested (but didn’t state) that Glenn Beck by his own defintion might be a terrorist. But one is left with the main idea that really, only Muslims can be terrorists. There aren’t as many of them as Beck suggests, but still all terrorists are Muslims.

    Zakaria doesn’t mention the terror that the US exerts daily in various countries. Terror, it is apparent, is only an act performed by non-Americans. Not as many Muslims are involved as Glenn Beck states, but nevertheless it is only a Muslim activity.

    But isn’t the US a principal terror perpertrator? And don’t these US terror acts then result un what Zakaria calls “11,000 terror attacks” as depicted by the US State Dept.? Aren’t these “11,000 terror attacks” the logical blowback to US terrorism?

    The US State Dept. definition of terrorism is:
    “terrorism” is defined to be an activity that (1) involves a violent act or an act dangerous to human life, property, or infrastructure; and (2) appears to be intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, kidnapping, or hostage-taking.
    link to state.gov

    So this was simply more back-door US propaganda against Muslims. The US is right, Muslims (and Beck) are wrong, according to Zakaria.

  2. Well done Fareed Zakaria.

    Glen Beck & many similar elks have to be stopped by shoving facts & figures in their faces against the venom they are spewing day in & day out against the Islamic world & the USA, their own government.

    Your last remark, in what category Glen falls himself, was a great stoke of pen. We admire your courage to stand up against these bigots.

  3. Thanks for a video that deserves to go viral. We went down to Chicago for a couple of days last Christmas and landed in the middle of the MAS-ICNA convention at the Hyatt. I shudder to think what that would have been like if Glenn Beck’s numbers were anything more than a figment of his overheated imagination. How many Muslims were at the Hyatt? Say 5,000. That means I was surrounded by 500 terrorists! And when we crowded into an elevator with 10 or 20 Muslims, we were standing right next to 1 or 2 terrorists. My knees go weak, thinking of the danger we were in without knowing it. No wonder Juan Williams gets scared on airplanes. Glenn Beck probably shared those amazing statistics with him.

  4. Re: Beck on Lunatic Islamophobia,

    You’ve probably heard this already, but 1000% is 10 times (1000/100) = 10. You probably meant “by a factor of 1000”.

    I would also like to mention that a few weeks ago I was listening to Rush Radio, I think it was Glen Beck, and I heard that there are so many Islamic people in the USA already that the most common name given to newborn babies is “Mohammed”. This is probably true to an extent because I’ve heard that just about every male Islamic baby is given the name “Mohammed” along with a number of other names. This skews this statistic as well (probably by a factor of 1000) and shows Mr. Beck to be an even more subtle liar. He can not only make up statistics, he can also manipulate them.

  5. In which Fareed Zakaria gets successfully trolled by Glen Beck.

  6. My wife and I watched Zakaria providing the particulars of Beck’s really stupid assertion that 10% of Muslims are terrorists. Doing the math, that means 157 million Muslims are terrorists. Beck absurdly wondered why the media was not addressing the “problem” which he created out of thin air.

  7. “the filthy rich and the US Republican Party (there, I’ve been redundant).”

    Oh, come on! Do you say that no Democrats suck at the same teat? Why then has Obama gone all ga-ga about the very rich, those oh so deserving few (indeed, very, very few) who own (what is it?) 25%, 30% of USA’s wealth already and need tax breaks (income and tax and inheritance tax) so badly if they are going to be able to get to the magic 50% before “the people” catch up to them?

    give us a break@! (But I know what you meant: by Reublicans you meant “politicians”).

  8. It seems the neos, the Israeli activist,and self serving pundits and ideologues like Beck have all racheted up their assault on Musims and by extension on America and Americans.

    With the public becoming increasingly more informed ( I think, I hope) on the ME, Israel and Muslim and Iran issues, the attacks on sanity and facts increase even more and get louder and more vicious.
    I noticed that Jenifer Rubin publically called in her column for assassinating Iran scienist.
    What next?

    We are in a very bad, bad place. The problem is if we don’t fight these people just as loudly and actively and some times with their own tactics, they win.

    IMO the day our press ceased to be a free press and became agenda driven and propaganda organs by their owners and special interest America’s highway to ruin was set.

  9. I wouldn’t be surprised if a million American right wingers and libertarian types would like to overthrow the U.S. government. After all, some of the conservative Republicans have pretty much intimated they do. Of course, the call to (violently) overthrow the constitutional government of the United States is illegal and is liable to end one up in the FBI’s crosshairs, if not in jail. Hence, I wouldn’t expect many to put it that publicly. Aside from the right wingers, I would guess that there’s a million in toto children of the ’50s and ’60s – white, black, Latino – who wouldn’t mind seeing capitalism overthrown, however little they are currently acting on it.

  10. One and one-half million Americans who want to violently overthrow the USA? Beck is quite right on this. He refers to the NRA, the teahadists (remember the ones showing up at rallies carrying assault rifles?), the militia movement, and all the other right-wing nutcase extremists who love guns, got guns, and want to use guns. They believe in black UN helicopters, that Obama wants to take away their guns, that Obama wants to force Sharia on America, that Obama is a secret Muslim, and all the other Obama Derangement Syndrome symptoms.

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