Fox Management Ordered Reporters to Spin Global Warming

Surprise! Management at Fox Cable “News” instructed journalists to spin reporting on climate change by casting doubt on the indisputable fact that the world has warmed over the past 50 years. This according to Media Matters, which got hold of a memo by Bill Sammon,

‘ questioning the “veracity of climate change data” and ordering the network’s journalists to “refrain from asserting that the planet has warmed (or cooled) in any given period without IMMEDIATELY pointing out that such theories are based upon data that critics have called into question.” ‘

In fact, the scientific consensus is quite clear on the warming trend, and also clear that it is caused by the massive dumping by industrialized human beings of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.

In other news, a new University of Maryland study confirms that watching Fox makes viewers stupid.

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18 Responses

  1. I guess ClimateGate didn’t exist because the NYT judged it had been hacked, just like WikiLeaks…

    Oops, the NYT DID print WikiLeaks, my bad.

  2. Important:


    The War of Ideas in the Middle East

    Secret House resolution says No to Palestinian statehood
    link to

    The US Campaign to End the Occupation is pushing urgent action to condemn an Israel lobby resolution circulating in the House to block international efforts to recognize a Palestinian state. From the US Campaign:

    We are outraged to learn that Rep. Howard Berman, Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, is trying to push through Congress today a resolution “condemning unilateral declarations of a Palestinian state.”

  3. The FCC should take Fox News’ license to broadcast away. They should do this in conjunction with a ruling reclassifying the internet as communications and as such enjoying the protections of net neutrality to ensure freedom of speech.. Fox News ordered their newscasters to perpetuate a lie undercutting the strength of scientific evidence backing the need to take decisive action to stop greenhouse gas releases into the atmosphere. They did this as COP15 was occurring in Copenhagen while the outcome there could still have been more powerful.. Carbon Dioxide as a greenhouse gas had previously been ruled harmful and as such subject to the Clean Air Act for purposes of regulation by the Supreme Court of the United States.. This means Fox News deliberately ordered their employees to subvert the letter and the intent of the law of the United States and by their timing to have shown intent to do the most harm possible by delaying or stopping actions which could have lessened emissions. Increase of corporate profit appears to be the motive.. The Earth, God’s good Earth only has one life to live.. It is in even greater danger today due to delays in taking action on greenhouse gas emissions caused directly and deliberately by corporations such as Fox.. Thank you Professor Cole for your concern and for your article here that has links to these two most informative articles about the state of US media. Hopefully things are not too far gone to recover.

  4. Fox News is a propaganda organization. Those who like Fox prefer to be misinformed, prefer propaganda to reality.

  5. Vote on the Berman legislation up
    link to

    Berman, Poe complaining about Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay making an effort to recognize Palestine as a sovereign state based on the 67 border.

    Rep Ackerman spinning how Israel has always been willing to make the deal. What a f—ing liar. Now he is saying that Palestinians concerns over settlements are “over wrought” Ackerman goes onto say that there was 10 month freeze on settlements. Another lie. There was no total freeze. A slow down. Can not believe that he said that Palestinians concerns are “over wrought” Ackerman is a real creep.

  6. o.k. Engel up. Chastizing these countries “Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay” claims to be within the 67 border are indefensible. Again Engel lies, blaming the Palestinians. Another effort to claim that there was a total settlement freeze. Another total lie. “Israel had stopped all new settlements” Engel continues to blame Palestinians over and over again. Brazil,Argentina, Uruguay trying to de-ligitimize Israel. Israel tried to give Palestinians every thing they said they wanted. What a friggin liar

  7. Now they have the Samoan rep up to speak Rep FAleomagnaeva (sp) he is actually making a bit more sense. Not just blaming Palestinians as Engel, Ackerman, Poe and Berman did.

    This guy is much more balanced

    Now Rep Berekley up… strong support for it. Uh oh more Palestinian bashing. Oh they have ignore the 10 month Moratorium blaming Palestinians, what are they so upset with. “Shamefully” This woman is insane “Palestinian manipulation” “The palestinians who have the most to lose” Going on and on about how great Israel is.



    Rep Capps she seems to have some hesitations. OOO she says that the continued expansion of the illegal settlements are a real problem. She signs with reservations. This chambers tendency to pass legislation that is one sided is a problem. We should look at legislation that is passed in this chamber that is one sided. The U.S. has not been an honest broker


    Rep Burton up he goes on to beat up the Palestinians again. He actually says the Palestinians do not deserve this support that we are giving them. Then he goes onto point out times Israeli;s have been killed. This guy keeps saying that Israel has gone beyond the pale

    Oy vey what bullshit


    But we know that no one is going to bring up the massacre in the Gaza or the massacre on the Mavi Marmara, the Goldstone report

  8. Rep Howard Berman now going to punish Rep Capp. for saying what she said. He says that he has his own “reservations” about the settlements.

    Rep Sheila Jackson Lee up she is supporting this legislation.

    She says she has respect for the Palestinians. She goes onto say more about the Palestinians. Then she says we are committed to a two state solution. Goes onto talk about “two independent states” Energized on the two state solution…get going.

  9. On 4/2/07 in Massachusetts vs EPA the Supreme Court ruled CO2 gas emissions from cars caused harm and unless it could be proved otherwise should be regulated under the Clean Air Act.. The FCC as part of its purpose is to protect people and property from harm. Fox News by ordering its newscasters to cast doubt on scientific evidence supporting the need to control emissions just as COP15 was starting in Copenhagen obviously was trying to disrupt attempts at regulating reductions in emissions.. This benefited its advertisers and by prior court finding likely caused public harm if it resulted in a lesser outcome of negotiations. Fox News is part of the larger News Corp outfit, the largest media empire in the world. I’m one person and the internet allows me to point this out in hope that the FCC will take its purpose seriously whether communications transmissions are done on cable or through the spectrum of the air waves.. This also speaks loud and clear for the FCC to rule to keep the internet open and free with net neutrality so people like myself in future can also speak out on issues that affect us all.

  10. I believe that Prince alWaleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia is the next-largest owner of NewsCorp (Fox News’s parent) after the Murdoch Family their own selves. Shortly after Fox hyped up the fakey controversy over that South Manhattan
    Islamic center, various people wondered why Prince bin Talal
    would continue supporting such a company by owning so much of it?

    Well, I theorize that the Prince wishes to see Saudi Arabia remain able to sell gigabucks worth of oil to the boilers, engines, and furnaces of the world. And since Fox News does such good work clouding the global warming issues and delaying public demand for a solution to the problem; Prince bin Talal must find the money that Fox helps assure that both he and Saudi Arabia will continue making from oil to be worth the minor embarrassment of being caught co-owning a Muslim-bashing media property.

    Oh! if only someone reading this comment were able to influence the Prince’s thought-processes directly! That person could persuade the Prince to decide that global warming really is just as fake as Fox says it is. That person could further persuade the Prince to buy millions of acres of beachfront oceanside property all over the world so as to make a killing when the oceans fail to rise. Thus would justice be served.

  11. Dale:

    As sympathetic as I am to your concerns, yanking Fox’s license is obviously unconstitutional and would be greeted by howls of protest from the GOP. Having said that, since this Administration and many legislators of both parties are apparently entertaining the thought of prosecuting Julian Assange under the Espionage Act of 1917, perhaps anything is now possible. Of course, it hasn’t dawned on the highly-paid talking heads calling for Assange’s prosecution that they are opening the door to future attacks on any hitherto protected speech, theirs included.

    I believe it was Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes who opined that, in the marketplace of ideas, the truth can be expected to prevail. If the truth is having such a hard time prevailing in modern America, then either Holmes was wrong or the whole marketplace of ideas is malfunctioning. In this case, I prefer the latter explanation.

    The real problem here is not Fox News. It is that the opposite of Fox News – genuine journalism that seeks to inform, educate, and expose – does not reach the masses. To the extent it exists at all, such journalism is to be found primarily on the internet. The truth is out there, but it must be actively sought by an energetic news consumer. And that brings us to the ultimate problem: the average consumer doesn’t care enough to make the effort.

    So, Dale, you are quite right to be concerned about net-neutrality, the “issue that wasn’t” in the last election campaign. But even with net neutrality on our side, we’re not doing too well, are we? And even if, as Ralph Nader muses in his latest book, some super-rich person comes to our aid – perhaps by funding a counterweight to Murdoch’s machine – when the final consumers of news want the intellectual equivalent of burgers and fries, that’s what they will vote for in the marketplace of ideas.

    • I address my case to the US Supreme Court, the President of the United States and also to the Chief Official of the FCC who is about call an ill vote on the future of the internet and the freedoms of the people.. I hope to gain the attention of journalists who are free enough to turn to protecting the common good and the need for nations to come together with a strong plan to stop global warming while there is perhaps still time to do so.. I need to make peace in my heart that I tried to reduce corruption and seek remedy of past harm because I see this as the single biggest block to actions that could reduce greenhouse gasses in atmosphere fast enough to do some good. I ask for rulings and remedial actions to counter harms that have been committed..
      Specifically to your argument that ‘Unconstitutionality’ is not ‘obvious’ when actions threaten the people and the nation they established..
      The US is not a corporation. In fact it largely began with the protest against Britain’s tax on tea; a protest against arbitrary power of a corporate world that threatened mom and pop shops in the colonies and curtailed their ability to carry other brands than what the king’s ships brought.. The Preamble to the Constitution begins “We the people of the United States in order to form a more perfect union”… It does not say ‘corporations included’ in brackets or anywhere else in founding documents of our nation.. But the biggest most clear expression of what our country stands for is expressed in the Declaration of Independence.
      “We Hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; that to secure these rights governments are instituted among men deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”… It does not say corporations. It makes no right of corporations to be among the men giving government their just powers.. The Supreme Court took it upon itself to give such powers to corporations. The head of it went out of his way to get the Supreme Court to give corporations the right to dump unlimited money into elections to affect their outcome (with the possible exception of direct contributions). Citizens United vs the Federal Elections Commission decision hugely favored Citizen United by the court having gone out of its way to enlarge the scope of the case. No exemptions for foreign sovereign funds or corporate entities was made.
      The Constitution makes provision in case of untenable situations arising that undo the nation and the people.. Peace sign on main street seems a better way to speak out. I protest what I see as a well advanced threat to our nation and the rights of the people of the United States to continue to enjoy freedom of speech and some of the other things we take for granted.. There is something more. Within definition of law is the term ‘Act of God’. The world is faces the possibility of not being able to restore the atmosphere’s heat shedding ability to what is needed for systems that support life.. That this crept up unexpectedly fits the definition but when corporate friendly legislators, courts, administrators conspire with a corporate press to brainwash it’s something else entirely.

  12. But what is the corporatist end-game in estranging Americans further and further from the view of reality of the rest of the human race, on global warming, on the right to health care, on imperialism and American exceptionalism?

    It seems that America gets a veto on the entire rest of the world. So if you can corrupt the American political process, you can in effect have your way with the entire planet. If Reagan cut taxes on corporations, then every country had to cut taxes on corporations. If America said that Iraq was a threat, everyone had to accept that it was not in fact waging an illegal war of aggression. The entire global capitalist class protects and eulogizes America to push ultra-capitalist policies on all governments regardless of the resulting destruction and chaos.

    But what happens the day when America is proven wrong and everyone who isn’t American understands that?

    I think it will be like this: one day, when the ecological disasters become too big to deny, our owners will go on TV and tell Americans, “Yes, we lied about everything. But now the blood is on your hands too, and the world will demand reparations. So you have no choice but to obey us to the bitter end or lose the material goods that are all you value.”

    • “But what happens the day when America is proven wrong and everyone who isn’t American understands that?”

      We ( the rest of the world) have understood this for years. The US has been wrong since it’s founding. The day of reckoning is comming for the Excited States. What goes around, comes around.

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