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  1. Get ready for a rocky 2011 thanks to the Israelis and their insistance that the US bomb Iran. If this happens oil will soar to several hundred dollars per barrel. Say goodbye to any economic recovery. I just bet those guys over at AIPAC are purchasing oil futures. As Rahm Emmanuel said, “Always take advantage of a crisis!”

  2. What the saudis have really done is to fight the arabs to the last American, be it in Morocco or in Palestine or in Iraq, and now in Yemen.

    Iranian influence in the Gulf Area goes back hundreds of years. Saudi Arabia knows the Iranian populations inhabiting Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Eastern Saudi, UAE, Oman, be they Sunni Iranian or Shia Iranian. Much of the Gulf economy is held by massive rich Iranian families like Kanoo and families among the Lawati in Oman.

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