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  1. This is a confusing and somewhat in-accurate Map.
    It confuses ‘Religion ,Language and Ethnic ‘ – spread of the many different peoples of Iran ,
    As such it is meaningless and useless in understanding Iran and its people .

    • .
      I believe it was produced by the CIA several years ago.
      The CIA is more careful about accuracy in the maps it produces for internal use only. Those that are made for public release sometimes have hidden agendas embedded in the (human) geographic representations.

  2. Your maps page (and reference material generally) is the perfect candidate for a wordpress page. You can read about pages in this short wordpress Codex page. This video “Pages and Posts” is good as well.


  3. This map is about 20 years old. Is there anything more recent?

    For example, I am pretty sure the Armenians in Azerbaijan are no longer there (except for Karabagh.

  4. Context is EVERYTHING.

    Even with their flaws, such a collection can cut through a lot of bluster and shouting. Thing is to use the best ones you can find and add all the astericks/explanations necessary to keep them in the most accurate perspective. Be very terse, factual, and evenhanded.

    A series of well-chosen maps for the Middle East would illuminate more than a 4000 word essay, and be far more persuasive and compelling. Seems like you did somewhat of a lecture on IC along these lines awhile ago. Nothing against your writing, but the facts presented graphically can be extraordinarily eloquent.

  5. I think this map is a little inaccurate; at least it is grossly inaccurate about West Azerbaijan, my home province in the northwest, which has a mixed population of predominantly-Shia ethnic Azeris (50+/-5%) and predominantly-Sunni Kurdish population, but the map shows the whole area as Kurdish which is not accurate. There is also a sizable Sunni ethnic Azeri population (5-10 per cent) in the region which are not shown in the map.

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