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  1. Hi friend,
    100% wrong b/c Kunar and Nurestan and the east close to Badakhshan are Pashton but you mention this population area us Others it is mean that you don’t know any things about Afghanistan.
    other mistake that you shown and you own map not map of Afghanistan Hazara on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan which is 1000000% wrong b/c Hazra leave in the central region and you will never find any sign of Hazara closed to Border

  2. Is the Hazara language related to the langauges of Iran or Pakistan or is it in the Turkish family of languages?

  3. The Pashtuns are not all Sunni. There are Shia Pashtuns too near Khurram in Pakistan. That is a border region where Shias live but they are not Hazara Shia, but Pashtun Shia.

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