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  1. Churchill proudly said that he drew few lines on a napkin over a cup of tea, that way he created the country of Jordan.

    British drew Balfour, Durand line & others. Divided Punjab & Bengal at the time of Indian Partition. Allocated Kashmir to India with Muslim majority area. Gave Palestine to the people those were not even from that area & uprooted the native.

    While drawing a map of a country on a napkin or dividing areas by arbitrary lines without the consideration of the local political conditions or dividing the families, tribes & customs, thinking people have to follow what they have created. This way British left big swath of problems or intentionally created them, as they are famously known for “Divide & rule”.

    On the other hand, when USSR divided Berlin by their wall, why Americans & Europeans did not accept it as a way of life? Why British & NATO are complaining that Afghans should observe an artificial border between Afghanistan & Pakistan? Country drawn on a napkin also has porous borders as the pours of a napkin.

    If someone divides London like Berlin, would the Londoners accept the division?

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