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  1. Thanks so much Dr. Cole, you are totally the best.
    What is the difference between Middle Eastern and South Asian Islam?

  2. Juan,
    can we know the sourcce of this map or the methodology adopted ?
    It is not consistent with anything I’ve seen before and it seems dubious, for example, there are a lot of sunnis in beirut…
    thanks for clarifying

    • I don’t think the map is of a scale where you could see Sunnis in Beirut, but I have just tried to add them in to West Beirut. There hasn’t been a census since 1931, so social statistics are guesswork. This map is consistent with estimates by Helena Cobban e.g. I suspect it slightly overstates Shiites and slightly understates Maronites, but it is ballpark. As for where it is from, who knows? Google images.

  3. Yes, please, more of such maps for any and all countries
    for which they are available, especially countries of the Middle

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