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  1. Wouldn’t you use “Farsic” or “Persian” instead of “Iranian” as an ethnic group?

  2. are the shina minority related, historically, to china somehow? it may just be a coincidence, but it sounds exactly like an old japanese word for china 支那 (shina) which has its roots in an old indian term for china (cīna) that came over with buddhism.

  3. This is an extremely false map. It shows the “Panjabi” ethnic group from Mansehra in the north to Rahim Yar Khan in the south.
    If you are a Pakistani, and have been to Rahim Yar Khan or Mansehra, you will know no one of the native people there call themselves as “Punjabi” but only those people are Punjabi who migrated from Punjab proper near the border with India.

    Can anyone call Mianwalis and Kohatis as Punjabis???? [As this map shows]

    They speak Hindko and Seraiki, which are languages related to Punjabi, but these people are NOT of the Punjabi ethnic group. Most of the Mianwalis and Hindko people are Pashtun in origin, such as the massive Niazi tribe.

  4. It also includes the entire area of Dera Ismail Khan into the Pashtun ethnic group which is not true.

    No one in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir calls themselves “Punjabis”. Yet this map shows the whole of Azad Kashmir as “Punjabi”

    Most Mirpuris [like the Pakistanis who live in England] would find it insultive being categorized as Punjabi.

    So would the other groups in Azad Kashmir, as the Pahari people in Punch.

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