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  1. This map is not accurate.

    The cities of the north of Iraq have always been primarily Arab or Turkoman. The unArabized or unOttomanized Kurds rarely ever lived in the cities. Mosul is a city of Arabs, Turks, and Chaldeans. My mother is from Mosul, and to say that ALL the north is Kurdish, is a lie.

    Is Los Angeles a city of African-Americans? If, say, there was a future ‘Blackistan’ movement, could they rightfully claim Los Angeles? Or New York? Or Atlanta? Or DC?

    That’s how absurd the claims of Kurdistan have become in recent days. Iraq was a multicultural land. No one race or sect can really claim predominance.

    • I suggest you read David Ben Gurion’s memoirs. He states that the Israelis paid the Iraqi underworld to harass and abuse the Iraqi Jews as motivation to move to Israel. In other words, the Iraqi population and government really had nothing to do with the Jews leaving.

  2. The silly map does not show the Chaldean population districts which are sizeable. Neither does it show the Turkoman ethnic group, which is a horrible mistake.

    The whole Bayati Shia Turkoman tribe in Kirkuk, around the Tuz area has been eliminated, and made into a Sunni Kurd ethnic area.

    • That’s what they want: to eliminate Sunni Arabs, Shii Turkoman, and Chrisitian Chaldeans, because none of these groups agree on partitioning OUR country by ethnicity or sect.

      There’s no honest Iraqi that would say the entire north is Kurdish. This is nonsense. My grandfather was qaim maqam of Tuz Khurmato, and it was a Shii Turkoman/Sunni Arab area– there were no Kurds. Nobody wants to believe that the cities were void of Kurds until recently.

      I’ll say it again: the Kurds lived in the mountains, in small villages, or were nomadic. They did not inhabit major metropolitan areas such as Mosul or Irbil.

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