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  1. He put it in a nutshell. It would be great if he mustered the Libertarians and their energy to his views.

  2. While I agree that Lying is Not Patriotic, it sure is the way that people who claim to be patriots operate. And it works! So many people would rather believe a simple lie than have to wrap their brains around a complicated truth.

  3. Paul asked how it was that a Private was able to access so much secret information. Indeed, it seems to me that Robert Gates’ eagerness to go after Assange is intended to take the heat off of himself and the Pentagon brass responsible for information system security. I see Obama’s decision to keep Gates on as Secretary of defense as a big mistake.

  4. A young friend of mine tagged me in this video when she shared it on facebook.

    My comment to her (a college girl and lefty with somewhat of an interest in foreign service):

    He’s asking some hard questions about jurisdiction.

    Juan Cole did that a while back


    …and also reiterated with a recent post using this video.

    You know, they don’t care about any of that “Jurisdiction” stuff.

    Threaten their vested interests enough and they’ll be glad to train a JSOC hit squad ESPECIALLY for you too! A waterboard with your name on it and a one-way ticket to Guantanamo could be another option.

    As my status says today:

    “You’re supposed to be like an army…. a DIPLOMATIC army. If you can’t keep your MF mouth shut about what you think of the second asst vice president to the Chancellor of Bratislavia… Then you HAVE NO BUSINESS IN THE BUSINESS… So to speak.”

    Personally I’m thoroughly enjoying the take down of the US diplomatic shadow government(no quotes intentional).

    More about the ‘shadow’ thing at the bottom.

    But about lying …

    It’s complicated… Ever since humankind first started waxing philosophical someone has promulgated the concept of “The Noble Lie”. [Wikipedia link]

    …and someone has called them on it.

    In the late 20th ad early 21st centuries it happens to the be promulgated through the Neocons, Leo Strauss, European Jew. [Wikipedia link]

    In the other corner, for the ‘left’ was Hannah Arendt, who told him “The kind of world you visualize wouldn’t have a place for a Jew like you.” about his philosophic underpinnings [Wikipedia link, but quote source Adbusters magazine]

    Arendt had also had gone to Jerusalem to see Adolph Eichmann on trial in his glass cube [IMAGE] and commented “I expected to see a hideous monster… but all I saw was a withered little man in spectacles”, speaking of the culpability of the average person in German society for the ‘Holocaust’, in the endgame of what some of those noble lies (such as the demon-ization of Jews as threats to German society) had wrought.

    She wrote an essay on it. “A Report On The Banality of Evil”. [Wikipedia link]

    IN a VERY similar sense we are demon-izing Iran right now in the American public eye, through Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in collusion with the ‘Neocons’, the philosophical descendants of Leo Strauss.

    In an interview a few years ago, Strauss’ daughter quipped that Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Doug Feith, and others, some of whom had actually studied under Strauss at Chicago (Wolfowitz for one), “weren’t fit to shine her father’s shoes.”

    Their “shadow” policies are going to get us into our next war.

    Vicious morons with half-knowledge and half-truths in charge you know. Sociopaths self-select. They rise to the top.

    They think they’re “doing it all for us.”

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