5000 Birds fall out of Sky in Arkansas

An environmental mystery: The blogosphere is abuzz about the mystery of thousands of birds falling out of the sky in Arkansas.

Such things happen sometimes because of atmospheric events, lightning storms, etc. But Arkansas weather officials suspect this event may derive from a big fireworks spectacle in a rural area where the birds were concentrated and nesting, shocking them out of their nests. (I’m not a physical scientist, but this idea makes no sense to me.)

AP has more, including the observation that the birds were not poisoned because other animals ate them with no ill effects.

CNN has video.

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24 Responses

    • So far this sound most logical to me. As I was thinking they couldn’t handle the thought of another year of life in Amerika…

      The fish must have given it more thought or were raptured late.

  1. Thousands of dead fish in the Mississipi River, thousands of dead birds in Arkansas–if we were coal miners, I’d say that our canary has just dropped dead.

    • Still we won’t heed the warnings, if indeed that is what we have here…

      After the Gulf Oil spill and the unfortunate aftermath of do-nothing but more of the same, I’m not so optimistic we’ll ever wake up in time.

  2. I am most confident that the space-lizard alien & UFO people have a scenario for this that portends something drastic and horrific.

    • Didn’t they (“space-lizard alien & UFO people”) already offer that “scenario” with the “fireworks” explanation? Oh, no that was the “official” and “rational” speculation by governmental representatives who would never knowingly mislead the public… Or prematurely offer a personal and unprofessional opinion while speaking in a professional capacity.

      And that’s exactly why we end up making such unfortunate jabs at any person or group or culture that may offer scenarios which we’d much rather consider fringe or wacky than possibly sinister and true. We’re trained to react that way from birth, and why the biggest secrets are easily kept, especially when exposed by “space-lizards” or “UFO people”, both of which, by the way, are slurs against other people who seems to have interests-hobbies that are easily ridiculed. Too bad (the real nuts cases are mostly in public service).

  3. check out DRX-1339.

    “The U.S. Department of Agriculture utilized a bird-specific pesticide, DRX-1339, which it says is harmless to humans and other animals.”

    This happened in New Jersey one year ago.

    link to zootoo.com

    • It is DRC-1339 do some actual research before just posting something you read on a unvetted internet site.

      Compound DRC-1339: Compound DRC-1339 is a slow-acting avicide registered for controlling blackbirds, starlings, pigeons, gulls, magpies and ravens that damage agricultural crops, personal property or prey upon federally-designated threatened or endangered species.

      •Starlicide – Tech Note (1,313K)
      •DRC-1339 Concentrate-Feedlots – EPA Reg. No. 56228-10, Tech Note (2,605K)
      •Compound DRC-1339 Concentrate-Gulls – EPA Reg. No. 56228-17
      •Compound DRC-1339 98% Concentrate-Pigeons – EPA Reg. No. 56228-28, Tech Note (1,244K)
      •Compound DRC-1339 Concentrate-Staging Areas – EPA Reg. No. 56228-30, Tech Note (2,211K)
      •Compound DRC-1339 Concentrate-Livestock, Nest & Fodder Depredations – EPA Reg. No. 56228-29, Tech Note (1,296K)

  4. Yeah, but this affected for the most part a single species, which would not be true if a chemical exposure was behind it.

  5. Uh, SPYDER, why is it that you don’t think that thousands of birds and fish dropping dead IS “something drastic and horrific?” Because they’re only birds and fish?

  6. …I can’t help but feel that the New-Year’s-Eve-Flying-Champagne-Cork theory is not been given the full consideration from the authorities that it deserves. There must surely be a blurry photo of a man dressed in a tuxedo holding what seems to be a crystal flute and standing on a grassy knoll turning somewhere.

  7. Yup, thought so. Birds AND fish dead in Arkansas:

    link to alternet.org

    Another coincidence, if you look at the comments, “fahrer” notes that, “….Beebe, AR, where the birds fell, is around 50 miles from the Pine Bluff Arsenal, where ABC ‘weapons’ were manufactured and stored until the end of 2010.”

    Since it was only one kind of bird and one kind of fish, it could be a species-specific toxin, except that birds and fish are different species, so that’s at least two toxins, if that’s what it was.

  8. what? Someone better call Hitchcock or the man on the moon.

  9. I can understand a disease affecting a certain species of fish, but I find the bird explaination hard to believe.
    Birds can and do kill themselves flying into a barrier or hard surface like windows, I’ve revived many who hit my larger windows by warming them in towels them until they come out of shock.
    But?….if the birds were paniced by fireworks or etc they would have flown “up” immediately , not sideways or down toward the ground where they were likely to hit trees or buildings.
    Someone could have been sick of them nesting in the area and poisoned them is my first thought.

  10. I must say, I’m not terribly amused by the many comments that make this out as some kind of big joke. About 3,000 redwing blackbirds, suddenly dead. Now 100,000 fish have been added to the death toll – and you have to assume these numbers are probably minimums; not all the little bodies have been found, nor will they.

    If it was the fireworks that led to the birds’ deaths, are the Arkansans planning to cool it next year? (And what happens each July 4th, for that matter?) If it’s some kind of chemical warfare munitions leak, what other damage is it doing?

    NPR news readers always have a load of fun when they talk about how all the honeybees are mysteriously dying off in this country (see – they have “bee” in their name – isn’t that hilarious? The puns never stop!!) Surely Juan Cole’s readers can do better.

  11. Any Monsanto, DOW, DuPont, etc. facilitates in the area? There have been many FOI release in recent years confirming government testing of chemical and biological weapons in US territory under Top Secret conditions (meaning no citizens knew). BP was most definitely spraying dispersants over the Gulf (besides in the water) and along the shorelines as far East as Pensacola, FL. Maybe further. That has been pretty well vetted now as well. But we still scoff at that.

    Which I find really odd behavior for a so-called intelligent species…

    The bottom line is thanks to globalization, politics, greed and lust for power, we live in a country that is dominated by a military and banking economy. The war must go on, and weapons must be tested. I live near munitions testing grounds (wonder what that costs in dollars?) and have to daily endure the rumbling of bunker busters and other Goliath weapons of mass destruction used against people most often no better armed than the rednecks that live in my neighborhood.

    It’s like cold-war nuclear MAD, only it’s not mutual. It’s a one sided slaughter against anyone; people, religion, culture or nation that opposes our Imperial agenda.

    This die-off is likely just an isolated case of things gone by and more to come.

    And we let it happen because… well I don’t know why actually…

    • Oh, and I forget, “consumerism” plays a big part as well in our self-imposed ignorance of the truth.

      No matter how bizarre these events may seem, nothing is more bizarre than our tendency to ignore them, laugh at them and let the powers-that-be keep on keepin’ on.

  12. Google HAARPHigh, Frequency Active Auroral Research Program.
    A weapon of mass distruction.

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