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  1. In the article, the Muslim Brotherhood is quoted:
    “And we do not agree on he himself to become representing [sic] this movement, the movement is represented by itself, and it will come up with a committee… to make delegations with any government.”
    I can understand their point. Committees are much better. I like ElBaradei, but the Egyptian people should not totally trust one leader at this point.
    I also read Obama was on the phone to Edogan. I’ll bet he IS worried about Turkey’s stance. I remember when the U.S. wouldn’t support Turkey during the flotilla massacre.

  2. the article you link to re heavy artillery doesn’t sound like heavy artillery if you read the article (just gun on APC)

  3. Think Progress today refers to the CIA world factbook to reveal that the income disparity in the US is WORSE than that in Egypt, according to the Gini Coefficient.

    link to thinkprogress.org

    A quick look at the CIA site, via a bookmarked link that has always worked previously turned up a “404 No Found” notice on the normal CIA site format.

    link to cia.gov

  4. As I read the linked article, it said that “an army personnel carrier fired a volley in the air” to disperse a crowd of 50 who were banging on the windows of the hotel where foreign journalists had been “bundled” after being attacked by an angry mob. This does not sound as ominous as the “Heavy Artillery Barrage” of the headline or your link, intimating the army was “warning” and threating to attack all of the protesters.

  5. What I have found particularly interesting about the Egypt crisis is the profit that the Egypt crisis made on the American markets today. Today journalists speculated that the Dow Jones industrial average rose 68.1 points due to the fact that Egypt bonds were pricing extremely low which allowed the Euro and therefore the sectors of the U.S. Markets to increase.

  6. My best guess – and it is only a guess – is that the Egyptian army will move against the people tomorrow, if not a day later. The move will be caused by attacks on the army by Mossad types who seek to undermine the movement.

    No other conclusion is possible. Tomorrow with its million person march is the climax of the uprising. With American and Israeli help, the people will be suppressed.

    I don’t see any other outcome. The US, Israel, Saudi adn Jordanian leaders do not want Mubarak to leave power. Obama is already being terrorized by AIPAC into folding his tent. The only thing that will stop the massacre is if Obama finds the courage to stand up for democracy.

    • You need to take a closer look at the Army’s relationship to “the people”. The army has already stated that they won’t shoot. So, security forces perhaps but they are outnumbered. You may have pitched battles between security forces and the Army, but the army won’t go after the people.

  7. The first dismaying thing about Barack Obama was the fact that he was speaking at the AIPAC convention a day after his acceptance of the Democratic Party nomination.

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