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  1. Professor Cole,
    This document leaked by WikiLeaks has received very little coverage by the press but may provide some interesting insights. I am interested in hearing your take on any potential significance you see it having or insights we may gain from it.

    link to telegraph.co.uk

    • That document is a report of an Egyptian democracy activist’s meetings with US officials. It makes it abundantly clear that the US officials consider the activist’s “dream” of replacing the current regime with a parliamentary democracy prior to the 2011 presidential elections “highly unrealistic” and place him outside the mainstream of political opposition.

      So the Telegraph headline is somewhat misleading, insofar as the support offered for this opposition activist is nil.

      The convenient US official line has long been that regime change in Egypt is unrealistic, right up to Hillary Clinton’s brilliant comment on Tuesday that:

      “The Egyptian government is stable.”

  2. The comparison of the situation in Egypt to 1979 Iran is pretty weak. The Iranian generals who were arrested and executed were the Shah’s generals. But as Cole points out in the interview, Mubarak is the army’s president; presidents may come and go, but the army remains. Any takeover of the Egyptian government is more likely to leave the army in charge, not the Muslim Brotherhood, which indeed is calling for the army to step up.

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