Iranian-American Comedians on Daily Show

Jon Stewart of the Daily Show interviews two Iranian-American satirists, Saman Arbabi and his colleague Kambiz Husseini about their television show, Parazit.

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11 Responses

  1. They are great!

    Only quibble is Stewart’s concern that if we use superlatives to describe how horrible our own politicians are, here in the US, then we’ll have no adjectives left to talk about Ahmadinejad and the evil ayatollahs.

    I loathe these characters and you can call them anything you want, but is Stewart saying that they are worse than Bush and Co? Seriously, Bush has the blood, not of hundreds of people on his hands, like Ahmadinejad, but of hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

    By which moral calculus is Bush morally superior to Ahmadinejad? Or is it simply because he is “one of us,” and hence enjoys a headstart on the moral lane.

  2. Okay, they’re funny and so is John Stewart. However their show is broadcast by the VOA and that makes them propagandists as well. We would do well to remember that we are being sold on another war.

    • Brian,
      That was my thought exactly as I watched. I’m glad that American viewers get to see that people from the Middle East do utilize humor, are funny and smart, that might defy stereotypes, but their demonizing of all things Iranian seems part of a campaign to justify Western powers bringing down the regime. It is up to the Iranian people to change their own country. They’re doing it in Tunisia, without U.S. bombs or assassination drones. Another U.S.-led war on a Muslim nation is no laughing matter.

  3. I like how Kambiz avoided the question designed to make US politicians not look evil in comparison to Iran’s politicians.

    While Iran’s politicians killed a few hundred of their own people to hold onto local power, America’s politicians waged aggressive ware and killed hundreds of thousands of other countries’ peoples to grab power globally.

    US politicians may not have to power to do what they want to Americans, but they can do whatever they want to other countries, and are therefore far more dangerous than Iran’s politicians.

  4. Is Jon Stewart on the State Dept. payroll? He had the sincerity of a infommercial host in that clip.

  5. That was interesting, but Stewart is out of his mind if he thinks the Iranian Guards are the face of true evil & America is innocent.

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