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  1. Oman, as in “Oh man I can’t believe that we still have this fossil fuel jones.”

  2. Oh! How the world has changed. It is amazing & mind boggling.

    The small area that you are showing in this map of UAE & Qatar, just 30 years ago, no one cared to know where it is located, now is a prestigious stop for world airlines & travelers alike. Among worlds 10 best airlines in the year of 2009 & 2010, three are from this tiny area. While 30 years ago no European airline used to stop in this geographical area, now airlines of this area are bypassing full Europe on way to UAE & Qatar on their non-stop flights from north & South America. One can ski year round in Dubai no matter what the outside temperature, while you cannot do this activity in Colorado or Banff year round.

    It boosts the tallest building in the world & nowhere else but here you can buy Gold through the ATM machine.

    While this area has made so much progress, still American TV newsmen cannot pronounce Qatar, their pronunciation is Gutter. It is equally amazing.

    • yes,all very true.and the environmental damage caused by this24/365 skiing is catastrophic,not to mention the shameful treatment of the Asian workers there,who vastly outnumber the ‘indigenous’,not all of whom are considered citizens.with all their resource wealth the UAE could have contributed so much to humanity,instead of just aping the vulgar,rampant consumerism of the west,all because a handful of sheiks want to ski in the desert.

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