Today in Apartheid

Israeli troops made an incursion into the Palestinian city of al-Khalil (which the Israelis call Hebron) and killed the wrong man, invading his apartment and riddling him with bullets. They then went on to their actual target, and just left. Most MSM lead the story with an Israeli acknowledgment of error (irrelevant) rather than with an innocent man’s brutal death (the actual point).

[Human rights groups are] demanding an investigation into the death of Anas Salih, murdered by bureaucracy in Gaza by Israeli officials. The unconscious patient needed urgent medical care outside the Gaza Strip, which is under Israeli siege, and the Israelis demanded that he first appear for questioning. He died in the meantime. A number of Palestinians in Gaza have died in the same way in recent years. Israel is in serious violation of international law on this issue.

Anas Salih

Anas Salih

M. J. Rosenberg describes how the Netanyahu government’s attempt to blame the victim— 36-year-old Jawahir Abu Rahmah, for her own death at Israeli troops’ hands has broken down. Abu Rahmah was an innocent bystander when troops fired massive amounts of tear gas at a non-threatening protest rally from a distance, and she died of inhaling an overdose of the toxic chemical. Commentary, Elders of Ziyon and other far-right propaganda blog sites gleefully spread the misinformation that Abu Rahmah died of her own asthma when the Israeli authorities tried to spread this rumor. It was not true, and Rosenberg gives props to NYT’s Robert Mackey for systematically dismantling the lies.

No end to the strangulation of Gaza.

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  1. Just a couple days ago the Israelis killed a Palestinian man at a checkpoint on a road to an Israeli “settlement”. They killed him because he was carrying a water bottle when walking through the check point.

    What a barbaric people, these Israeli apartheid supporters and enablers.

  2. We need to get beyond the symptoms to hope to make a difference on what is simply the latest indignation by Israel, reflecting a larger pattern.

    One obstacle to doing so is that nations today are general not as self-UNAWARE as they used to be. That is, back in the day they provided tip-offs as to what they were up to, through their goose-stepping and jackboots. Nowadays, its only clueless commies and outright crazies who are so accommodating. As a corollary, if modern nations wants to do anything questionable (usually in the interest of their ruling elites/oligarchy, who are nothing if not self-AWARE), they’re smart enough to first make sure they have a good PR firm on their team, and they work with them closely.

    Similarly, there is the advantage a centrally managed ownership/vision has over more diffused humanistic values. When you have a set of goals for gaining and consolidating power, and acolytes who will stick to them, it becomes a powerful investment strategy. In the case of present day Israel, one tactic shows up in their attitude that they are the 51rst state, hence by definition Jon Pollard (and others yet to act) can do no wrong in spying against the US, since our best interests are one and the same. It spares them having to think and all the inconveniences that entails: In the case of Israel, God gave them the disputed lands, they believe it, and that settles it. This is not being sarcastic or contrived: these are very much the pillars on which Israeli actions are supported. They are not weak nor applied inconsistently. I used to say it was just the likudniks, but mere tacit acceptance by the rest of their polity becomes a distinction without a different when you consider Israeli actions over the years.

    Poised against a vision so empowered, you have a US citizenry, rarely with any real stake in terms of personal blood. We may all get indignant at the (latest) outrage. But then its time to go have a cup of coffee or do the next meeting, and when it gets down to it, what is or is not fair, or is against the best interests of the US, simply gets forgotten or shunted to the back burner, and the focus of their initiatives prevail. We are a frog (or is the metaphor a lobster?) being slowing cooked because, by design, the various issues never provoke us quite hard enough.

    This is symptomatic of a fundamental corruption. To see how this is all part of a trend we need to consider how and for whom the US govt is now functioning. Im thinking, in addition, of health care reform over the past year and what it now faces; banking reform; defense/budget reform, ad nausium…..

    The Tea Partiers may be uninformed, manipulated bunch of Yahoos, but the lack of an ability to say anything coherent doesn’t mean there isn’t a deeper pathology that needs to be dealt with.

  3. On the other hand, yet another Latin American nation has recognized Palestine as an independent sovereign state.


    (Reuters) – Chile said on Friday it had recognized a Palestinian state, joining an endorsement by Latin American peers the United States has called premature and Israel has warned is harmful to the Middle East peace process.

    Brazil became the first of several South American countries in recent weeks to recognize a Palestine state along pre-1967 borders. Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia and Ecuador have done the same and Mexico, Peru and Nicaragua are reported to be considering recognition.

    “The Chilean government has adopted a resolution to recognize the state of Palestine as free, independent and sovereign,” Chilean Foreign Minister Alfredo Moreno told reporters, saying he hoped the recognition would help give fresh impetus to negotiations.

    Of course, both Israel and the United States will publicly dismiss this, though the US might find some ways to retaliate upon the declaring nations.

    It should be born in mind that both Chile and Mexico are under right wing governments, and Peru is under a government much supported by the US over its electoral leftist rival.

    • What, nothing from Venezuela? Ahmedinedjad’s sidekick Chavez is usually eager to be the first to speak and act against Israel (not to mention the Jewish community of Venezuela).

      • Venezuela isn’t likely to join the wave of countries that are in the process of extending diplomatic recognition to Palestine, seeing as it already does.

  4. Travis — good take on part of what’s wrong (at least if one is the bug on the slide, rather than the guy peering through the microscope.)

    Have you run across this piece of what I would consider “fundamental wisdom,” something that should be taught and reinforced everywhere and at every opportunity?

    link to

    by Carlo M. Cipolla

    The author does a wonderful job of spotlighting the fundamental nature of “the human problem.” It’s really a kind of re-statement of one popular notion of the Second Law of Thermodynamics — every closed system tends to maximum disorder over time. There are a whole lot of “bandits” in the world, and more, and a larger percentage of us, are learning the trade over time. And a corresponding steady increase in the number and prevalence of “stupid” people too, aka “freiers” does not help.

    I don’t think Prof. Cipolla is very salubrious about the species’ chances at long-term survival. Nor am I. Best we can maybe do is a little anti-entropy in local areas…

    • Clever link. No, I think there is more a problem with dumbness than stupidity. And on the positive side, people do eventually sniff out BS, as with what Israel is really up to (40+ years on!). Or with torture: I was at a public seminar/debate on it 5 years. and it became apparent how desparatly its adherents needed tortore as a matter of having satisfaction in a sadistic sense, and as an end in itself. Others present noted the same thing: we learned.

      No. My problem is with the inherent advantage pretty much ideology has over a democracy, with its agendas being as varied as its members. Outright fascism, or totalitarianism in whatever guise, has a huge advantage when it comes to pressing policy, given the power of group dynamics over otherwise intelligent, thinking, and perceptive people. Their soldiers salute and march, and people are social animals. Many, many, people at Jonestown drank the koolaid due to sheer peer pressure, when they were NOT into it.

      This (latest) bit from Israel, and more importantly, their ability to get away with it (by and large, although increasingly less), is symptomatic of the lag between when a con is begun and people finally wise up to whats going on. And we see the same thing with pretty much any policy issue you can name. Only when it gets extreme do the ideologues need to shift their BS, or otherwise reposition themselves, continuing to pursue the underlying objective while those who might check them once again are juked off their feet.

      My point is that ALL this stuff is symptomatic of a corrupt system. It is the system that needs to be fixed. And ironically enough, the teabaggers really ARE stupid, but at least they’re not dumb.

  5. Absolutely Daniel! We have a prime example of such a repulsive type of comment box (i.e. that of PHUD1). This individual manages to take a swipe at Ahmnadinejad, Chavez and perceived antisemitism in Venezuala whilst completely ignoring the substance of Juan’s article, namely the murder of innocent Palestinian civilians (plus the Netanyahu government’s attempt to blame one of their victims).

    PHUD1′s silence is deafening and galling in equal measure.

    • Hahaaa. I was just trying to formulate a responce to PHUD1’s comment, now it’s been done, thanks RASKOLNIKOV.
      I was thinking weight just collectively ignore him, but on reflection, that would allow him to spread his or her or their injurious falsehoods so maybe the answer is to collectively pounce on his idiocy and call him out as the propagandist he, she, they is/ are.

    • Too bad ordinary people of good will can’t bring themselves to recognize a fundamental of human nature: In EVERY population, tribe, nation, clan, even family, there’s a fraction that does what the “terrorists” and “militants” and even the “lovely ladies of SuperTerrorism” highlighted a post or two ago, and of course the jackals (in the CIA/state security sense) and all the other folks that satisfy that very human Cain-slew-Abel urge by killing other humans, do daily and nightly.

      My view is that there is nothing to choose, ethically or morally or even just survival-of-the-species-wise, between any of these doers of evil deeds. Yet for some reason, it’s ok with others of the same tribe or nation or “people” that these (I would call them) monstrosities do and get away with what they do, again and again. Each act just being one small bit in a huge cycle of murder and revenge.

      Why is it that it is so easy to derail “peace processes (sic)” and silence the calm blandishments of decent people who recognize the futility of that cycle and work to stop it? Just a couple of rockets, the knocking down of houses that have stood for centuries, an assassination or three, blowing up a busload of people from another religious tradition (and tribal group, of course) — it’s so easy and so predictable.

      And back in the shadows squat the ugly trolls, the cynical Machiavellianists, the would-be kings and emperors and their “people,” the warlords, the makers of weapons, and all the others that profit from instability and fear and hatred.

      But hey, wander the comments sections of the internet at random, maybe just start from the stories on Yahoo!’s opening page, and you see how much of the population runs on mean-spiritedness, tribalism, antipathy toward anything or anyone who can be painted as “the other” — Well, there’s days when the skeptic might easily be convinced that there’s not a thimble-full of the mythical Milk of Human Kindness in the whole lot of us — and way too much, oceans of the real, violently corrosive and reactive acid of “humankind”-ness that seems to be our real blood and substance…

  6. The Israelis just sent an assassination team into the West Bank and murdered an innocent civilian in his bedroom in the presence of his wife and have admitted to having done so and has offered an apology, and the Israeli government stated there will be an investigation. BFD, the man’s dead, was an innocent and was murdered by Israeli troops in his own bedroom in the middle of the night. As most observers already know Israeli investigations are near worthless and any kind of satisfaction in an Israeli court for a Palestinian is next to impossible, and that’s in the very very remote possibility that the court decides in favor of the Palestinian.
    There can’t be peace in the region until the Israelis being treating fairly with the Palestinians, they won’t do that because they want to steal more of their lands. They are an occupying force which practices their occupation with as much violence and injury as the international community will allow. Were it not for American support and veto’s in the United Nations there would be much greater world condemnation. We should turn off the financial spigots and let them manage on their own. Their plight is not our fight. We’ve given over 120 billion in direct aid and countless more by tax free charitable contributions, and many more billions in industry subsidies. It’s enough. Why do they have a direct line into America‘s pocketbook? It’s not in our interests, and making them pay for the management and operation of their own country is a burden most other countries in the world already endure.

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