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  1. Hello, I am of Egyptian decent and recently just traveled to Egypt before the protesting began. I have been keeping been keeping current with political uprising in Egypt and would like to share my opinion on the subject. I was interviewed by my local news a few days ago and would like to share that interview and my outlook on the crisis with you all.

    Interview link: link to youtube.com

  2. Talk of protests continuing despite a slew of constitutional reforms, sweeping concessions, and no, Suleiman did not really threaten a coup; anyone else notice a change of tack by Aljazeera?

  3. Prof Cole, I read your blog every day. Thank you for continuing to educate.

    Will there be a transcript of the interview soon?

  4. Juan, you are a little naive about corporations. That journalists hate (or say they hate) their bosses means very little. That journalists are “nice” or “smart” means very little.

    Whatever a corporation does is by design. The people who choose to work there have accepted what their corporation does and internalized its values. People who do not do so are harassed until they leave.

    The US news system is a propaganda system. That doesn’t mean that someone gives out written talking points every day (as actually does happen at FOX). It means that certain propositions cannot be questioned. Ultimately, those propositions are decided by the publisher or management team.

    So, OK, journalists are working stiffs who don’t make the rules as to what gets published. The ones at the elite papers get very, very nice salaries to not notice what is going on, to not see the bloodshed and misery the US is sowing. They have sold themselves.

    So, pity them… but not too much.

    Otherwise, a fine interview. Thanks for it.

  5. The root of US IMperial policy in the Middle East is access to fossil fuels. A series of US cables provided to Wikileaks emanating from Riyadh detail a series of discussions related to Saudi ability to extract enough oil to keep a lid on prices and the overstating of Saudi reserves by as much as 40%–300 Billion barrels. The cables confirm what many analysts have predicted regarding the veracity of Saudi’s stated reserves and its spare capacity–that neither are what was announced and reiterated, while scoffing at those who were correct the whole time. Saudi net exports are already declining. The last two centuries of human existence have seen its greatest volitility and barbarism. I suspect our current century will surpass them both. link to guardian.co.uk

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