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  1. Juan, you are too harsh on Obama. You ignore the fact that the Lobby has a rope on his neck, so he has to play submissive,stupid.

  2. If you check the actual vote record on the Patriot Act extension, I believe you’ll find that the odious Bachmann did not oppose it.

    • I also noticed this error. Let’s PLEASE not give any undeserved kudos to Bachmann, the neo-McCarthyite witch-hunter herself. Here’s a link to the roll call link to bit.ly.

      Otherwise, awesome article. You are not too harsh on Obama, BTW.

  3. “a Suez work stoppage that actually closed the canal temporarily would be a further blow to Egyptian youth”

    Surely that should be

    “… would be a further blow to the Egyptian regime”?

  4. Well, I can say one thing for sure. The President did not disappoint me. He’s done exactly what you spell out he’s done. And I thought he would. Worse is yet to come. Wait till they figure out a way to allow states to declare bankruptcy. And void all contracts with retirees and such.

  5. “A profound disappointment to the American left”? Obama is an enemy of democracy, freedom, and human rights through out the world. In this moment the Egyptian people have finally rebelled against the murderous dictatorship and oligarchy that have tormented them for 30 years and Obama supports their vile threats to make a blood bath to keep their power. Obama is revealed as a full blown American reactionary, no less than a tyrant and oppressor on a world scale. He is the deceitful lackey of the neo-liberal empire and the financial thieves and criminals that have stolen billions from honest people the world over.

    • This is my take, too, reluctantly, because I permitted myself to believe that he would be different. It may be simply that he is by personality not equipped to say “NO” to anyone strong — billionaires, the US Military, the CIA, the military-industrial-mercenary-outsourcing-Congressional-MSM-university-thinktank complex, you name it.

      Well, these are very, very powerful social phenomena, and presidents have been assassinated (Kennedy) perhaps because they thought to oppose part of all this.

      But your bottom line is not about the causes for President Obama’s behavior, but the behavior itself, which is surely reactionary in the extreme.

      Very sorry to agree with you. American under the oligarchs is a sad place.

  6. One quibble: don’t call the protesters “youth.” As Lambert at Correntewire wrote:
    “So, the leaderless movement in TS includes, if it is not driven by, a rather unassuming and yet extremely media-savvy set of twenty- and thirty-something activists. (I refuse to use the word “youth,” because that implies a lack of maturity. In fact, the Egyptian movement has been stunningly, staggeringly mature.)”
    link to correntewire.com

  7. “It makes a person think there should be rule that no one can run for the presidency who didn’t have a proper father figure in his or her life (Bill Clinton, W., Obama), since apparently once they get into office they start thinking the billionaires are their long-lost parent, whom they have to bend over backward to please.”

    Was G.H.W.Bush a “father figure for G.W.Bush? I don’t know. The “trap”, it seems to me, is not a search for undeserving father figures by presidents, but a determination to be re-elected (and a consequent search for bags of money) that sends politicians to court the billionaires.

    The “best Congress that money can buy” was no joke when first uttered and no joke today, embracing our own “father figure”, the president pro tem, Barack Obama today.

    That is why I proposed he give up on re-election in order to free himself to act like a statesman.

    The PLO/PA/Fatah is corrupt in much the same way, being on the payroll of USA/Israel/EU/Quartet and should — to act in a statesmanlike manner — resign and let Israel run things again, concentrating on making good relations with Turkey, China, the South Americans, etc., and seeking salvation in UNSC or, failing that, the UNGA.

  8. with all due respect, could anyone in the position of the president of the United States do it right under circumstances like these?
    What Egyptians want most is independence. Some strong government that proves that Egypt as a country is ultimately free to act how the majority of its population thinks it should act, on a national as well as on an international stage.
    The situation is comparable to a teenager with a dominant parent. If the parent wishes to remain in control, he or she will try to convince his offspring that whatever he “suggests” is in his best interest. Even if this clearly is the case – and it has not always been true between Egypt and the US, which is not Obama´s fault – the major goal of the teenager will be assure that he is the boss in his own life. The best way to prove this is to do assume a position different from one´s parent, and be it for the sake of it.

    The only wise thing for any president of the US would be to shut up and restrain himself as much as possible when it comes to good advice. They´ve had too much of it.

  9. Are you aware that the narrative on the U.S. Right is that Obama is recklessly, wholeheartedly supporting the revolution and unfairly deserting our loyal ally, Mubarek?

  10. …it began over food, then thousands of years later it has evolved from superstitions, organized religions, empires and monarchs, social contracts… all the while lazy fuckers smarter than the rest of us just sat back while the rest of humanity ran over the cliff for something to eat…eg., the stock market… a giant fiction that sells debt…and everyone is sucked in like fools chasing food over the cliff… and the smart fuck then picks our bones at the base of the cliff… we are a type 0 civilization at the verge of -1 instead of 1… we need to invent an economy that does not require money… fiat currency… a bare foot economics that dictates you get what you give… and if you are just a lazy fuck that wants to lie, steal and cheat… you simply don’t eat and if you don’t eat, you can’t fuck, and if you can’t fuck, you literally don’t matter because your disgusting sperm will not find a host to replicate your sick evil fiction… we move to eat, those who eat the most are the luckiest and all the people in the west that have enjoyed their vittles whilst the rest of the world starved… yeah, you know if i am talking to you, you can kiss my ass and eat your bullshit platitudes, theories and clap trap… finance capital and free market capitalism does not work for the rest of the world, the 95% of the world outside of the USA… the good old USA that sucks down 45% of the world’s GDP… wastefully and has swindled the world in it’s corrupt stock market… the sooner USA devolves into a bankrupt echo of it’s former selfish glory, the better the world will be… police yourself, fuck yourself and stay out of the world’s problems and fix yourself… finally, i think it is safe to say that if the world want’s the USA’s opinion about anything, guess what, the world will give it to you. have a nice day and look that up in a stupid textbook in your gay ivory tower

  11. Here is a change that I would like to see.
    The University of Chicago posseses thousands (30,000?)clay tablets which are adminstrative records removed from the Iranian World Heratige Site at Persepolis in the 1930s.
    I think that those tablets should be returned to the country that they belong to, Iran. The University of Chicago can photograph them before they return them. Although these tablets were legally obtained, US society no longer deserves to hold such a valuble piece of Iranian History.
    Some might say that the current Iranian government does not deserve them either. While not being a fan of that government they have cooperated with archeologists from many different countries in researching Iran’s past.
    It should not be required that there be a revolution in Iran before the tablets are returned.

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