Libyan Rebels Grateful to West, say Qaddafi Psycho

The USG Open Source Center translates radio broadcasts on Sunday of the Voice of Free Libya Radio, which is based in Benghazi:

‘ Libyan Rebel Radio Eulogizes Slain Doctor, Mocks State TV
Voice of Free Libya
Sunday, April 3, 2011 …
Document Type: OSC Summary

The two main items broadcast by Benghazi Voice of Free Libya in Arabic between 1730-2150 GMT on 2 April were the eulogizing of Dr Ahmad, the man reportedly shot dead by pro-Qadhafi forces two days ago and who appeared on video footage shown on 1 April on Al-Jazirah TV, and the mocking of Libyan state media…

At 1800 GMT, [the anchor, a Mr.] Malik said I have three messages for the international community, the Interim National Council (INC) and Al-Qadhafi. “My message to the international community is that we used to look at you differently. But now, after you stood by our side, we would like to thank you for all you have done and will do for the Libyan people… We know well who stood by our side and who stood against us and that will be reflected in the future when we eliminate Al-Qadhafi. My message to the INC is that Mustafa Abd-al-Jalil (head of INC) was a well-known and respectable person even when he was part of the regime. Go ahead Abd-al-Jalil and we will try as much as we can to help you. My message to Al-Qadhafi is that he is a psycho and senile and has become a figure of fun to the whole world. We, the people of Libya, will never forget who helped us and who let us down. We know that the Syrian, Yemeni and Algerian people are not against us and only their representatives opposed imposing a no-fly zone over Libya at the Arab League.” . . .

At 1900 GMT, the presenter refuted claims by Al-Qadhafi that if the Libyans in eastern Libya achieved victory over his troops, they would kill their kinsfolk in the West. “You are our brothers, so how can we kill you?” he asked.

At 1915 GMT, the presenter claimed that Al-Qadhafi’s government was funnelling weapons to Al-Qa’ida’s offshoot in North Africa. “Four or five months ago, weapons disappeared in Libya, a whole arms depot was gone. In fact, the weapons, which were in this depot were handed over to the Al-Qa’ida branch in North Africa. It is Al-Qadhafi who is helping Al-Qa’ida.”

At 2000 GMT, Shaykh Salah delivered his daily hour-long religious program.

At 2100gmt, “In the shadows of the blessed revolution” program was aired.

Broadcasts by the station were not heard after 2150 GMT.

(Description of Source: Benghazi Voice of Free Libya in Arabic — Opposition-run radio, began broadcasting on 20 February 2011. ) ‘

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  1. Last week we had Qaddafi as “Mad Dog”. Now we have a “Qaddafi Psycho” headline.

    It pains me to say it, but Informed Comment has morphed into Fox News, with rational analysis abandoned in favour of chest thumping jingoism.

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