Connecting the Dots: Doomsday & Education Cuts

Can you connect the dots?

Right wing prophet convinces clueless Americans that May 21 is the end of the world.

Kentucky legislature offers $42 mn. in tax breaks to fundamentalist Bible theme park scheme, after having deeply cut social services.

Qualcomm co-founder decries ‘suicidal’ cuts in education funding in the US. Irwin Jacobs said that he had difficulty building up Qualcomm because he could not find well-educated workers. Former head of Intel, Craig Barrett, has also said that the education level in the US has declined and continues to spiral down.

Electronics Weekly adds: “Raising tax levels in the US is difficult because a lot of US industry is owned by private equity companies which, by using debt capital rather than equity capital, avoid paying tax on their profits.” It points out that tax rates for the wealthiest American individuals have also been reduced in the past ten years, ” while half the population lives on some form of federal hand-out.”

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