Israelis Support Obama over Bibi

More evidence that Israel derangement syndrome is a malady among the American political class and a narrow sliver of the AIPAC elite, but that most Israelis and most American Jews are far more pragmatic and humane.

57 % of Israelis support Barack Obama’s speech on Middle East peace, and are critical of that of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. (Netanyahu remains popular, just not his hard line stance against peace).

For a canny explanation of the real background of Netanyahu’s attack on Obama, see also Ira Chernus in Tomdispatch. Ira’s Yiddish phrase,”Tuches aufn tish,” is worth the price of admission.

See also The Jewish Voice for Peace’s refutation of Netanyahu.

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  1. I did think initially that Obama had summoned up some courage to say the borders have to go back to 1976 levels. But then, this opinion piece in Al jazeera sets everything back following Netanyahu’s speech in Congress and the multi standing ovations it received from left, right and centre. It really beats me how American politics work.
    Obama to Israel: Take whatever you want ( (link to )
    As always your efforts are much appreciated

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