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  1. If the Koch Brothers are buying it , then who’s selling it.

    Seems to me that the American Democracy has been a privately owned enterprise for many decades, maybe forever, irrespective of who’s occupying the White House or controlling Congress.

    Most of the other so called democracies aren’t much better.

    Where have all the benevolent dictators gone.


    • What we used to have was a balance of terror in class warfare. Before 1932, the rich could do whatever they pleased, and the poor who tried to organize were gunned down in the streets. But the threat of revolution forced the rich to tolerate FDR’s experiments, though if you Google the Dupont coup plot you will see some bastards were trying to organize far-right militias to bully FDR into becoming a figurehead sellout (sound familiar?).

      The Right couldn’t get away with it then, but now it can. Because there are no institutions of radical workers to create a legitimate threat of revolution. Whatever they believe as indivduals, the rich collectively think like investors; if they screw us too much and we fight back they lose everything. Since they still made massive profits during the 50 years of the New Deal era, they had plenty of incentive to compromise. But if they can cheaply destroy one institution after another that stands in their way, as they have, and no one fights back, then why not screw us to death and abandon the burnt-out husk of America for some new host body?

      The very ambitions that brought the rich to where they are will always make them believe that no matter how much money they make by sharing power with the workers, European-style, they can make still more by seizing total power. As individuals, they choose to act on that belief or not based on what they think is reasonable. We don’t do a damn thing to convince them that such monstrous behavior is unreasonable.

  2. I’ve had pretty extensive interaction with Koch-funded think-tanks and I’m pretty confident in saying the Koch’s don’t direct the research they do or demand certain results. Like anyone, they fund policy research institutes and people they know generally agree with them. All independent think-tanks have their supporters, and surprise, the Koch’s support ones they agree with. The way the video frames issue is borderline dishonest as well. Think-tanks like Cato put a lot of effort into policy research on how to support workers and promote broader distribution of health care to poor people, they just happen to think that current government policies are horrible. And by the way, Cato is pretty critical of corporatism in America as well and certainly don’t think the drug companies are amazing.

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