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  1. I bought the Arista label album with this song on it back when I was a teen in the mid 70s. I often think of the song “the revolution will not be televised.”

    Really sad about his later years. A few of my African-American friends have succumbed the same way.

  2. It is a sad day for the Social Justice movement… Better Work For Peace, ’cause peace ain’t comin’ this way.

    FWIW, I spent a decade and a half doing audio reinforcement for live performances in Central California, and one of the first gigs I ever worked was in 1982/3 for KUSP Santa Cruz community radio doing sound and a live broadcast of Gil Scott-Heron from Soledad prison. Like BB King, Gil Scott-Heron was a tireless worker for social justice and DID NOT forget his brothers imprisoned in America’s gulags.

    RIP Gil Scott-Heron. You will be remembered.

  3. An urgent, powerful voice and always relevant. I just posted this YouTube link on my blog, and I’d like to write about what he meant to me when I have collected my thoughts. I will greatly miss Gil’s honesty and his pursuit of the raw truth.

  4. Saw it on NBC nightly news tonight. So, surprisingly, you’re wrong.

  5. Gil Scott-Heron scared the daylights out of my parents when I was at university, but then so did Bob Dylan and John Lennon. But Gil’s words resonated with people of my generation who saw through the nonsense and wouldn’t play the game anymore.

    It’s ironic, in a way, that the white middle class in this country are now in the same position as African-Americans were in the 1960s and 1970s, being deprived of their own social and economic justice by the same “rich old white men” who kept trying to preserve the old order back when I was a kid.


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