The Secret Patriot Act

Dear Tea Party: If all your distrust of the federal government doesn’t cause you to vote against the so-called PATRIOT Act, your tea is weak. Very weak.

Spencer Ackerman reports that Rep. Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) is worried about a “secret PATRIOT Act”– that is, a set of practices and inquiries into the affairs of private citizens that go far beyond the letter of the law and which would shock most Americans.

Hint: The ‘business records’ provision is the one that most concerns him.

Me, I think government surveiilance could allow the blackmailing of judges, journalists and politicians, adding to the corruption of the American political system.

Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colorado) also plans to vote against if there aren’t amendments.

Congress is set to extend the unconstitutional law, which contravenes the 4th Amendment, for 4 years without debate.

So an elective dictatorship is imposing a dictatorial and unconstitutional law on Americans without so much as a discussion.

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4 Responses

  1. Juan, how were you able to write that first paragraph while “Tea Party favorite Rand Paul” was the only one keeping the renewal from passage by filibustering in the Senate? Once again, you’re going to need to explain just exactly who you are referring to when you speak of the Tea Party. You might be better off thinking of the Tea Party as something like an insurgency. Just who are we talking about when we refer to the insurgency in Iraq?

    • So aside from Rand, how many Tea Partiers are there in Congress? How many voted against the Patriot Act?

      I rest my case.

      • Well, that’s the whole point. There’s something called the Tea Party movement but who they are no one has the official authority to say for sure. Is Sarah Palin in the party? Sarah Palin and Rand Paul? Very strange bedfellows. Are Paul or his father actually Tea Partyers? People got elected by the Tea Party movement–supposedly–but were the people elected Tea Partyers, or were they mostly just politicians riding an opportunity? In the case of the Tea Party, wasn’t it just a lot of Republican opportunists? Politicians are a breed unto themselves. They mostly all disappoint in a similar fashion. They just dress in different colors. There are exceptions drowned out in the crowd.

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