Leonard Nimoy to Palestinians and Israelis: Live Long and Prosper in Two States

Leonard Nimoy, who played Mr. Spock on Star Trek, speaks out as a Jewish American in favor of a two-state solution and a divided Jerusalem.

Nimoy said,

‘ “I reach out to you as someone who is troubled to see the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians continue apparently without an end in sight.

“In fact, there is an end in sight. It’s known as the two-state solution–a secure, democratic Israel as the Jewish State alongside an independent Palestinian state. Even Israel’s nationalist Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, has come to see this as the shape of the future. The problem is how to reach that end point. It’s something we should be concerned about–not only as world citizens, but as Americans.

“You might recall the episode in the original Star Trek series called, Let That Be Your Last Battlefield. Two men, half black, half white, are the last survivors of their peoples who have been at war with each other for thousands of years, yet the Enterprise crew could find no differences separating these two raging men.

“But the antagonists were keenly aware of their differences–one man was white on the right side, the other was black on the right side. And they were prepared to battle to the death to defend the memory of their people who died from the atrocities committed by the other.

“The story was a myth, of course, and by invoking it I don’t mean to belittle the very real issues that divide Israelis and Palestinians. What I do mean to suggest is that the time for recriminations is over. Assigning blame over all other priorities is self-defeating. Myth can be a snare. The two sides need our help to evade the snare and search for a way to compromise.

“The Middle East is only getting more tumultuous. The upheavals throughout the region show that what happens in the Middle East can’t help but affect us in the United States. This year, we’ve seen oil prices rise sharply and America become involved militarily in Libya. The cost to American lives and our economy continues to rise at a time when unemployment and deficits are sapping our country’s strength.” ‘

Nimoy’s letter is at Americans for Peace Now.

Relevant is this video of Nimoy speaking on the Jewish values in Star Trek:

The episode “Let that be your Last Battlefield” is here

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  1. The two state solution is a tired slogan that has lost its value long time ago. Thanks to Israel’s successive governments that continue the theft of the land. The Jewish State is an idea that seeks to disinherit all its non-Jewish citizens. Thus very much creating a ghetto, to put it mildly. Why not a one state with equality for all?

    • ===Why not a one state with equality for all?===

      why not indeed.

      the one state equal and free hasn’t been, and isn’t, in practice in the area, and I don’t see how it would work now, given the level of antipathy, but that’s the ideal.

      when the people of the area can put aside the crap about the land being gifted by Jehovah or Allah only to one group destined to rule forever, maybe then.

  2. I agree with Mr. Nimoy, but if I was going to use a Star Trek story line as a comparison for the conflict, i think the Deep Space 9 story line about the occupation of Bajor by the Cardasians, is for more apt imho.

  3. The two-state solution simply will not work. The only way Israel will ever accept a Palestinian state is if it is 100% demilitarized. That is not a condition that any state, let alone a Palestinian state, would accept.

    The only peaceful way forward is a one-state solution in which all inhabitants of the present country of Israel and the territories it occupies share exactly the same rights. That is the solution is democracy for all.

    • — The only way Israel will ever accept a Palestinian state is if it is 100% demilitarized. —-

      that’s not correct. Israel certainly doesn’t want the PA to have a strong military any time soon, but everyone recognizes that the Palestinians have to have enough men under arms to control their territory.

      link to fas.org

      • You are talking about a police force not a military. Israelis will not accept a Palestine with even a weak military.

        One solution. One state. Equal rights.

  4. Recent bumper sticker, with Star of David, Crescent, Cross etc., and the slogan, “Let’s Just All Kill Each Other And Let The Biggest God Sort Us Out.”

  5. we are not dealing with intelligent life forms in the place around Jerusalem.

    if there were intelligent life forms there, we would’ve known by now.

    my entire life i have witnessed constant hatred from one to the other, each blaming the other for starting this or that.

    these are children fighting each other making the wounds worse. the finest example of doing unto the other, Golden Rule. and until they act like adults this will not stop.

    as i said my entire life, over 50 years, i have watched the tit for tat continue on, year after year. Have they learned anything other than to hate each other more? i doubt it. at least i haven’t seen any sign otherwise.

    each has a right to live there, but i doubt there will be any change in my lifetime, or even after i am gone.

    hate is all consuming vessel, kills the possessor and its’ object, together.

  6. Sadly, Nimoy’s summary of the Palestine/Israel conflict is mythical. They haven’t been fighting for 1000s of years, just 100. They know why they’re fighting, Israel is fighting for ethnic purity and Jewish supremacy within historic Palestine, Palestinians are fighting to end a brutal occupation and Israel’s confiscation of territory and resources that belongs to the Palestinians. Since the 1930s, Palestinians have demanded equal rights regardless of creed, earlier Zionists refused it because they couldn’t establish a Jewish state if the people had equal rights and democracy, Zionists lately have insisted the demand for equal rights is equivalent to advocating the destruction of Israel.

    Nimoy is right on one thing, an alien visitor wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the varieties of human beings in the conflict. Why does one type (Israeli zionist) insist that Jews should be privileged over the Palestinians?

    • When you add into the mix that Jews are a religious group, not an ethnic group, yet many self-identified jews are not religious and therefore not jews it gets really confusing for the hypothetical alien visitor.

  7. Hey Juan,

    the liberal universal humane values which Nimoy attributes to Judaism are not shared universally by Judaism. If you read Israel Shahak’s book, ‘Jewish History, Jewish Religion’ you see that he describes a Talmud that consistently advocates the degradation of Gentiles. The Talmud, which has been in the process of creation and revision for many centuries, is completely consistent on that point.

    Fortunately, not all Jews adhere to the teaching of the Talmud, and, of course, Nimoy does not.

    I do not claim to be an expert on this matter, and Israel Shahak’s book is the only one I have read relating to the subject.

    But it seems to me there is a tension in Judaism between the liberal humane values of which Nimoy speaks and the Talmudic tradition which is one of Jewish superiority and Gentile degradation. In fact, it is the latter which must be recognized and dealt with as it is a motivation Zionism and the settler movement.

    It seems to me that it is Islam, far more than Judaism that adheres to universal humane values.


    • Humans are hypocritical monsters.

      And humans in power always “interpret” their God’s commands differently than humans out of power.

      Thus the appearance of Israel has led to a change in the practical values of Judaism, the appearance of Saudi Arabia has led to a change in Sunnism, the Iranian revolution has led to a change in Shiism, and the unification of the former conservative factions of America’s two political parties into a single Southern-led reactionary alliance has led to a change in American Christianity, which is now almost a unique religion of national self-worship.

  8. “I agree with Mr. Nimoy, but if I was going to use a Star Trek story line as a comparison for the conflict, i think the Deep Space 9 story line about the occupation of Bajor by the Cardasians, is for more apt imho.”

    The fact that you know about DS9 is AWSESOME – I highly suggest that everyone here check out the episode “Duet.”
    Here are two scenes:
    link to youtube.com
    link to youtube.com (the ending – spoiler!)

    And here’s something related from Star Trek’s wiki: “Rick Berman emphasized the Bajorans were not modeled on any one real-life group. “The Kurds, the Palestinians, the Jews in the 1940s, the boat people from Haiti – unfortunately, the homeless and terrorism are problems [in every age].” (Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion)”

    link to memory-alpha.org

  9. Zionism, which centers around Jewish exclusiveness and Jewsih superiority, is incompatable with the universal humane values of which Nimoy speaks.

    • zionism holds that Jews are a nation like any other and should gather together in a single homeland, William.

      where does your claim about “Jewish superiority” come from?

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