Maddow on Bloggergate

Warm thanks to Rachel Maddow for her cogent reporting on the Bush White House/ CIA plot to “get” Cole. As she notes, I was a frequent guest on her Air America radio program in the old days and have been on her MSNBC show as well. As an interviewer, she was always well ahead of the game and her sharp questions kept me on my toes.

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5 Responses

  1. Yes, many thanks to Rachel Maddow, a journalist with a liberal viewpoint that I usually agree with, and kudos to Professor Cole for the metamorphosis of Informed comment from a strictly informative blog to one that now explicitly includes his viewpoint, which I am always interested in reading, but back in the day, when Shrub the Lesser tried to discredit Professor Cole, the blog was less political and mostly straight news from Arab language sources, and *that* is why he was attacked.

    Let’s be clear. The White house was not attacking a political viewpoint, the White was attacking an independent source of news.

  2. One would note the the CIA’s denial was that they provided information on Professor Cole and not that they were asked to provide.

  3. The CIA said they did not REPORT against (or w.r.t.) Cole, but said nothing about if they were ASKED TO DO SO or if THEY DID ANY INVESTIGATION of him. Their answer was careful and non-complete and leads a careful reader to suppose they DID some sort of investigation. (An investigation would presumably have been OK, or more nearly OK, if it looked only at his commumications with non-Americans not on USA-soil).

  4. The CIA, instead of investigating their director for convincing the President the prime facie, case for war, the WMA, was “a slam duck”, spend their time investigating and smearing the whistle-blower, at the same time Bush presents slam dunk Tenet with a Medal of Freedom in 2004, two years after Cole predicted the fiasco.

    Figures, clowns! Obama our erstwhile citizens’s republic president, should present Juan Cole with a Medal of Freedom, to stand up to the military-industrial establishment, but he won’t lift a finger, even to query the blackballing.

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