Ridge Alleges Bush Political Pressure for Terrorism Alert

Ooops, a golden oldie from 2009 thrown up by mistake.

Tom Ridge appears to be alleging in a new book that the Bush administration put political pressure on him to raise the terrorism threat level in fall of 2004 so as to help George W. Bush’s chances of reelection.

It seemed pretty obvious to me as a close observer that games were being played with such terrorism announcements during the presidential campaign. Pakistani sources spoke of being encouraged to release terrorism-related stories during the Democratic Party convention in summer, 2004, so as to upstage John Kerry. They did so, leading to a fiasco when a Pakistani double agent, Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan, was outed, derailing an ongoing sting against militants in the UK.

Ridge may have felt bad about that SNAFU, and so resisted similar pressures in October. The book is not out yet, so precise details are not yet available.

Frances Townsend, Donald Rumsfeld and other Bush administration figures are denying the charge. But, of course, they are seasoned liars and so their denials don’t count for much.

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9 Responses

  1. Bit of a surprise considering how strongly he denied it when interviewed on The Daily Show. However, there was a high-level officer in the talks who said Rumsfeld et. al wanted to raise the alert with flimsy justification

    • IIRC, Ridge’s assertion on the Daily Show was that he and his staff at the DHS didn’t use the “National Mood Ring” for political purposes. What he’s alleging now, and has said before, is that other people in the administration were doing these things.

  2. took long enough but the truth’s finally coming out. the wingnuts will doubtless scream with fake indignation about a politically motivated witch hunt, etc. but this is clear grounds for a congressional investigation. if ridge’s assertions prove true….wow

  3. This is old news from 2009. Ridge’s book was released 3 years ago. Am I missing your point here?

  4. First andre agassi and now tom ridge.Why these guys tell the truth only when they are writing their books.Why dont tom told us all of this in 2004.

    • Archana, you must know that ‘revelations’ HAVE to come from books, written long after the fact. why, how else are they gonna make money off the things the’ve seen and done?

      ‘integrity’ is a word that is fast becoming obsolete.

  5. “It seemed pretty obvious to me as a close observer that games were being played with such terrorism announcements during the presidential campaign.”

    same here.

  6. Tom Ridge “appears” to be alleging? Don’t go out on a limb there, Mr. Secretary.

    Who even cares? This is way too little and too late to be in any way meaningful. Of the bad things done by Bush 43, this would have to be, if true, like #1000 down on the list. Who even remembers who the hell Tom Ridge is anyway?

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