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Number of murders in US in 2009: 13,636
Number of murders committed by firearm: 9,146
Number of alleged murders discussed for past 3 years by t.v. “news”: 1
Number of most-talked-about accused murderers convicted of murder: 0
Number of extended profiles of any of 4,471 US troops killed in Iraq in a war fought on false pretenses, including 2 killed yesterday, on television “news”: 0

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24 Responses

  1. We continue viewing the various violences in human behavior as just part of the price of doing business. This tolerance for bad stuff is just the way we are. The species evolved so far, stopped, and has now gone into reverse.

  2. Can you imagine the sensation of a trial shown on television where those accused had names like GW Bush, Dick Cheney, Condi Rice, Doug Feith, Don Rumsfeld?

    Think of sitting in front of the TV and hearing how bogus intelligence was manufactured and how the networks and major newspapers helped sell the WMD story to an unsuspecting 9-11 audience. Now that would be a great trial.

    • DSMITH,

      You should read Decision Points, Bush goes into a lot of detail on that situation. I will admit I voted for Bush the 2nd term because I felt he should finish what he started (and I felt Kerry would have been worse than Bush) it’s easy to armchair quarterback after the fact. I don’t believe the conspiracy theories, I don’t think Bush got any better info than what we had.

      • Didn’t Bush and Cheney notice that Afganistan bankrupted the USSR? Didn’t they study they history of Afganistan’s, Iraq’s and Iran’s politics? How could they believe that the people of these countries would unite to fight with American troups? The news coverage left out the number of citizens killed in Afganistan and Iraq as American families (Bush & Cheney) made profits from arming and our troups. How could Americans vote for and elect men whose greedy families have long profitted from war?

        • Cathy, I seem to recall that Afghans DID unite with us and DID do most of the fighting and dying to depose the Taliban.

          And I remembering incorrectly or did you kind of miss that?

      • Finish what he started? I think, to his credit, he got quite a of his agenda accomplished in just one term. However, if he was doing it on purpose, we needed to stop him; if he was doing it by accident, then he was incompetent to fix it.

      • You are delusional. Every reason that Bush propped up for invading Iraq was shot down prior to invading (WMDs, Al Qaeda ties, etc) Iraq. hence the rush to war. And if you think the USA should invade countries based on what Joe American knows then you are stone cold stupid as well.

  3. If the film George W had any accuracy, it showed Bush was dominated by Cheney, and Cheney was not forthcoming with information.

    At any rate Cheney seized more power than any vice president I can recall. The advice to Bush to invade Iraq was poor, the invasion was not going to be a ‘cake walk’ and would unleash, as it did, tension in the various sects.

    Karl Rove, has a sorted past – very sorted and he was groomed by Utah Senator Bob Bennett. I bet Bennett’s influence was everywhere in the background.

  4. As a European I thought the following might be your point (until I clicked that first link);

    Intentional homocides per 100,000 inhabitants in 2009 (some 2008)
    United States: 5.0

    European countries over 4.0:
    Russia: 15
    Kazakhstan: 11
    Lithuania: 9.0
    Georgia: 7.6
    Moldova: 7.2
    Estonia: 7.1
    Belarus: 5.6
    Ukraine: 5.4
    Latvia: 4.8
    Albania: 4.5

    A selection of other Europeans:
    Romania: 2.3
    Azerbaijan, Serbia: 2.0
    Czech Republic: 1.9
    Croatia: 1.7
    Ireland, UK, France: 1.3
    Poland: 1.2
    Italy, Greece: 1.1
    Spain, Germany: 0.9
    Austria: 0.5

    All found on Wikipedias ‘list of countries by…’

    It would be very rude of me to make any comments about this. :)

    • The numbers for Western Europe change when you factor in WWI and WWII, Bosnia, etc.

      This is not being snarky. Tribal cleansing has been an ongoing European project at least since the Thirty Years’ War. Such forced homogeneousness tends to reduce daily social frictions among disparate groups (that can lead to individual acts of violence.) But in Europe, when the profile of disparate groups begins to increase, “suddenly” the likes of the BNP, Marie Le Pen, Geert Wilders, or Vlaams Belang “suddenly” appear. It’s like clockwork.

      Except for sporadic violence by say, the BNP, the foregoing groups have (so far) played by the rules. But given Europe’s very recent past (e.g., the 1990s in former Yugoslavia), it’s not too difficult to imagine that some combination of factors–growing economic hardships, a collapse of the EU from withdrawing members or bankruptcy of the Euro–just might replicate conditions that some Europeans find irresistible in rationalizing mass killings.

      Humans murdering humans has been around since Cain and Abel, and different countries can reach the same bloodlust by different routes.

      • the US participated in WW II as well! And deaths in war is a different phenomenon than murder.

        Murder rates in the US are peculiarly elevated compared to Western Europe and most of the difference is probably owing to our floating in a sea of handguns produced by 4 companies. It is hard to kill someone by most other methods.

      • @ Richard F. Miller – if you think ethnic, cultural & linguistic diversity are a factor in high murder rates then you need to explain why murder rates in Australia are significantly lower than the USA.

        About 20% of Australia’s population is foreign born, and the murder rate is 1.3 per 100,000. About 13% of the USA population are foreign born and the murder rate is 5.0 per 100,000.

        The two counties have other similarities, both are predominantly English speaking, both are highly developed, both have federal political structures.

        Points of difference include, no slavery, no wars of independence or civil, and strong gun laws. The latter were strengthened in the 1990’s by the conservative Prime Minister John Howard, who George W Bush referred to as a “Man of Steel”.

      • “Humans murdering humans has been around since Cain and Abel, and different countries can reach the same bloodlust by different routes.”

        Perhaps your citation of “religious” fable as an historical reference point clouds your understanding of human nature and its grotesquely tampered evolution under the domination of the Death Cults that created and forced these fables onto the collective intellect and consciousness of the majority of humanity over the past 4,000 years.

        Perhaps these Death Cults, otherwise known as “religions”, have more to do with Humans murdering Humans than most sub-honest intellectuals will ever have hopes of understanding.

    • [Intentional homocides per 100,000 inhabitants in 2009 (some 2008) United States: 5.0]

      So, US murder rate is on the E.European level. This is not good!

  5. There is a saying “be thoughtful of the people you congregate with, as you will become like the 5 people you spend the most time with”. Also, “without a strong leader, groups tend to the lowest common demoninator”. I think mass media rockets both of the cliches to a global perspective. We indeed have stoped evolving and are sinking to the lowest common demoninator as a nation and as a global society. It will take a leader with the spirit and charisma of Jesus Christ to pull us out of the gutter. Which in my therory is why humans are so quick to congregate around religious leaders of every persuasion. They want out of the gutter, just don’t know how to navigate on their own.

  6. The fact is that folks are scared to death of Terrorists, but things around us are a greater and more realistic threat.
    Cars/aggressive/drunk drivers and cigarettes pop to mind.

  7. Sue Rupert Murdoch until he has nothing left but his Social Security check and Medicare and then we will have real news again.

  8. How about the coverage not given to innocent men (especially of color) sent to prison for homicides they are later exonerated for?

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