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  1. Only demagogues would argue that the beliefs of a nut case are symptomatic of a movement or point of view. To do so is a moronic effort to prove that those that condemn the Islamic ideoslogy as inherently violent are themselves violent and ipso facto wrong about Islam. The fact of the matter is that violence inheres in Islamic ideology and is mandated by Islamic scripture. This guy was a nut case whose beliefs are irrelevant to prove anything except perhaps that the apologists for Islam will make absolutely any idiotic arguments to avoid the immutable truth about the religion of peace.

    • He had a network of communicants in northern European extremist political groups, and a flow of inspiration from Daniel Pipes and other Americans who share your bigoted paranoia. They may or may not agree with his means, but his ends were no different than theirs or yours. Just like the blood of the Holocaust properly ended up on the hands of all those who spread anti-Semitic hatred before the War and discredited their claims of a Jewish immigrant threat.

      And since God is a collective delusion, religion is whatever the followers choose to believe, which is the reason we Christians don’t still burn witches (“Suffer not a witch to live”) and don’t still ban the lending of money for interest, the basis for the West’s entire global capitalist hegemony.

      I could spend pages, and perhaps I will, detailing all the mass murders committed by Christians, and you will sit there saying it’s different because Jesus didn’t say so. You know better than that. If people believe in the Pope, and he calls for Christians to invade other countries or stand with Mussolini against Communism, that’s on Christianity even if that’s not all Christianity is. If the fastest-growing segment of modern Protestantism is the psychotically selfish and bloodthirsty New Apostolic Reformation, which claims everyone who disagrees with it on any subject is under demonic influence, and applauds itself in its promo videos for causing Mother Teresa’s death, that is a reflection of what American Christians are searching for in the marketplace of ideas.

      And if the socialist pacifist who came closest in our lifetime to representing what Jesus really meant got gunned down on a motel balcony in Memphis by a redneck Christian, then what Jesus and Mohammad really meant is dead, and our personal prejudices and self-justifications are all that are alive in religion.

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