Historical Question for Governor Perry

Dear Rick Perry:

I am a historian and if you will indulge me, I’d just like to ask you a question about historical parallels.

So if we were living in Germany’s Weimar Republiic and it was 1930, and a politician warned a central banker that his policies were treasonous to the nation, and threatened to have him roughed up, and said that the current president did not love his country, can you tell me to what political party that politician most likely belonged?

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27 Responses

  1. mmm…. its September 1929, New York, and someone tells the people that the party is about to end, is he or she a panicker?

  2. The National Socialist (Nazi) Party.

    Now if we change the time frame to 1829 and we were living in America, can you tell me who you’d likely be if you were a politician warning against central bankers and that their policies were treasonous to the nation?

  3. Rick Perry is an ignorant, dangerous politician. Texas is not my idea of paradise, given the massive social spending cuts. Perry’s stupid comment about Bernanke is intended to peel off support from Ron Paul.

    But the Federal Reserve is a major problem in the current economy. Their mandate is to maintain stability of the currency and for full employment. They are a PRIVATE entity with the branches owned by banks. Their constituency is the banks, not the people of the United States.

    They have failed miserably on both accounts. They have ignored bubbles again and again.

    • The fascist position on capitalism is always meant to counter class warfare. It divides the rich into “good” capitalists – IG Farben Chemicals, Krupp Steel, military-industrial complex – versus “bad” capitalists – bankers, lawyers, filmmakers, Jews, Jews, Jews, and pins all blame on the latter as unproductive, hedonistic parasites.

      When times are good, of course, bankers and factory owners are worshipped together as the indivisible team that they must be. The Left cannot be allowed in bad times to argue that this team should all be condemned together.

      Now it’s tougher, because our “good” capitalists have already moved out all the good jobs, and taken government bailouts to preserve some not-so-good jobs. The big-ticket military-industrial complex employs so few people that it’s irrelevant. The military-police-prison personnel complex, however, is providing a lot of right-wing ex-jocks with the only decent wages they could ever have. That’s political.

  4. Well, it wouldn’t be a member of the Nazi Party (NSDAP), because they wouldn’t attack Hindenburg directly by saying he didn’t love his country – no member of the National Opposition would say that – Hindenburg was a hero of the First World War.

    I thought the answer might be the Communist Party (KPD), because they would oppose both Hindenburg and the policies of the Reichsbank, but as advocates of proletarian internationalism I don’t understand why they would care whether the president loved the country or not.

    I also thought it might be the Wirtschaftspartei, because they were concerned about economic stability, but it turns out that the Wirtschaftspartei supported Hindenburg in the 1932 election.

    What makes it even trickier is that there were two presidents of the Reichsbank in 1930 – Hjalmar Schacht until March 1930, and thereafter Hans Luther. Hjalmar Schacht was steadily moving to the right (he started in the Deutsche Demokratische Partei, but ended up in the NSDAP) and he was tried at Nuremberg, but was acquitted. So are we talking about roughing up Hjalmar Schacht? Or roughing up Hans Luther? Schacht was a very sarcastic man who always thought he was the smartest guy in the room. I could imagine a politician from, say, the Catholic Center Party saying this sort of thing in private after one drink too many in the bar of the Hotel Adlon.

    This is a good example of why historical parallels never quite work.

  5. Well, it’s the Nazi party, of course. But I’d bet my house that Rick Perry wouldn’t know that or what the Weimar Republic was.

  6. Nazi Party Just read IN THE GARDEN OF BEASTS, by Erik Larson

  7. On the subject of secession, given the entrenched political gridlock in the not-so United States, the undemocratic electoral college and Senate, seeming disconnect in basic values between Blue and Red states (see above), and the fact that the Red States produce very little relative to the Blue, why should the coastal and Big 10 states (Nebraska should never have been admitted) put up with Oklahoma, Mississippi and the like?

  8. Dear Professor Cole

    I expect Department of Homeland Security have checked the Fire Alarms and Sprinklers in the Capitol Building.

  9. It’s disheartening that ignorance is celebrated by fame; Christianity and the founding of the country are tortured by pretzel logic, twisted beyond all hope of recognition (Tea Party needs to read Matt 25); the Enlightenment (named for a Reason), is ignored and replaced by Medieval trappings of fear and superstition; Science and Religion do not need to be in conflict, at all, but are forced by prejudice of the illogical to stand at opposition, to claim opposing corners, squared off in a diatribe of misrepresentations long ago dismissed by all but those that require a ‘black vs. white’ universe, colored at every turn by unforgiving provincialism. Jefferson, if able, is spinning at near the speed of light at the backward ignorance of his beloved Republic. ‘Judge not that you be not judged’ falls before the wrath of those that claim divine insight and even ‘answers’, who can throw up the words ‘traitor’, ‘country hater’, ‘liar’, to those that simply disagree, who might want to preserve a safety net for those not able to manipulate the waters of this post-enlightenment age, or not rush into an ill begotten war of economic origins…disheartening, and frightening…

  10. Forget it, Juan. You know he would have flubbed the answer.

    BTW, the latest spin from his amen corner is that he was, well, just joking and we shouldn’t be such literal fuss-budgets. Sure, and if Obama had done something similar on the campaign trail in `08, I’m sure the wingnuts would be just as understanding.


  11. I guess I’m missing something here, but didn’t Perry want to secede from the U.S.A.? Now he wants to be P.O.T.U.S.? He’s either a mental case, delusions of self come to mind, as was mentioned, wants to peel off votes from Paul, or perhaps it’s to get him out of the way in Texas? When it comes to politics there, (Texas), flim-flam is the rule, 24/7. Not to take anything away from those living in Texas, but I suppose the all those rocks will vote for him, Perry. Just what this country needs, A Repuglicon “slick willy”.

    • Norman –

      Perry was a Democrat until he had to switch sides to hold onto his government job. He then became Bush’s shadow, but easily avoided the Bush collapse in ’08 by joining those who said Bush wasn’t extreme enough. He’s not crazy, he’s a barometer of the craziness of voters.

      So the next time he calls FDR or Al Gore a Socialist, someone needs to ask him why he spent so many years in their party.

  12. Super390, thanks for the insight, I knew there was something about the guy that was odd!

  13. If Perry or Bachman win the primary and become the de facto leaders of the Republican Party, they are likely to rename it as ‘National Fascist Republican Party of the United States”.

  14. No, I don’t think that GOP radicals are as modern as Nazis. They are more of a medieval barons who may use modern language, but actually financial default, global warning, etc. are all magic for them. So, they boldly talk about these things, but all they really care about is, as always, Gold and Power.

  15. Wall St. will do business with whoever is elected, and will as always play a major part in selecting the field. last time around they backed Clinton, Obama and McCain, so far this time its Obama and Romney. But Perry is no problem either, the differences are 90% rhetoric. A candidate proposing real change, like Ron Paul or Ralph Nader, is another matter and will be ignored or discredited.

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