Top Ten Reasons Radical Jihadis shouldn’t have Threatened David Letterman

Top Ten Reasons Radical Jihadis shouldn’t have Threatened David Letterman

10. David is The Man

9. You really don’t want David relentlessly making fun of you in revenge; ask Madonna.

8. David has survived that thing on his head for years, he can survive some fool wearing pajamas using his mother’s computer to threaten comedians

7. When you are already a loser laughingstock terrorist, you only make yourself look worse by being a touchy terrorist

6. You are giving away that the most effective way to deal with a handful of fanatic fundamentalists trying to hijack Islam is to ridicule them

5. Kind of underlines that you are irrelevant as a terrorist organization when your major target is no longer the Pentagon but rather the host of “Is it Anything?”

4. David is friends with Bruce Willis, who likes to blow things up for no reason

3. You’re kind of giving away that you’re a Leno fan, and after what he did to Conan, that can’t help your reputation in radical circles.

2. You might as well forget about ever being flashed by Drew Barrymore

1. David has entertained the Navy SEALS in Afghanistan, and you really don’t want to get on their list … ooops, it may be too late…

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14 Responses

  1. And you forgot, Anwar al-Awlaki will only be given a small salad at his next luncheon at the Pentagon.

    It appears comedian’s often are targeted by threats, a quick internet search comes up with a variety –

    Italian Comedian Threatened With Jail For Criticizing Pope
    link to

    Ali G, a British comedian whose routine pokes fun a the nation of Kazakhstan, has been threatened with legal

    link to

    “Mitt Romney looks like the American president in a Canadian movie.” – Letterman’s best one liner

  2. I wonder why a single post on some obscure website got so much press exposure? Oh yes, because it’s “radical muslims”, the new bogeyman of Western Society. You had a bunch of tv talking heads not long ago calling for killing Julian Assange over the airwaves, not on some obscure website. I don’t see them sitting in jail or investigated by the FBI.

  3. Great list. However, “David has survived that thing on his head for years, he can survive some jerk in his pajamas” is rather unfortunately worded…

  4. […] Und so richtig ernst nimmt die Drohung auch nicht jeder. Juan Cole hat – in Anlehnung an Lettermans Show – eine Top-Ten-List auf seinem Blog veröffentlicht: Top Ten Reasons Radical Jihadis shouldn’t have Threatened David Letterman. […]

  5. Looks like the Pentagon is putting tax dollars to work:

    “American specialists have become especially proficient at forging the onscreen cyber-trademarks used by Al-Qaida to certify its Web statements, and are posting confusing and contradictory orders, some so virulent that young Muslims dabbling in jihadist philosophy, but on the fence about it, might be driven away.”

    link to

  6. I really like the list. I do.

    But if I didn’t know you from your writing, I might have questioned what #8 was supposed to mean.

    Most people read something about terrorists and the phrase “jerk in his pajamas” and…y’know.

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