Al-Qaeda Brands Ahmadinejad a Conspiracy Theorist!

The al-Qaeda-linked magazine “Inspire” has reprimanded Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for indulging in “stupid” “conspiracy theories” because of his stance, repeated at the recent United Nations meeting, that 9/11 was a Bush administration inside job.

When al-Qaeda accuses you of being a conspiracy theorist, you’re really a space cadet.

Incidentally, a far rightwing Muslim fundamentalist and former head of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence, Hamid Gul, has alleged that al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri has moved from Pakistan to Yemen, and that that country is now the center of gravity of al-Qaeda:

“Former Pakistani intelligence Chief Says Al-Qa’ida, Al-Zawahiri Moved To Yemen
Interview with Lieutenant General Hamid Gul, former director of the Pakistani intelligence Service; by Umar Faruq; in Islamabad –…
Al-Sharq al-Awsat Online
Sunday, September 11, 2011 …
Document Type: OSC Translated Text…

(Faruq) Will the attempt to achieve reconciliation in Afghanistan succeed?

(Hamid Gul) The Americans are making efforts to drive the Taliban Movement to join a coalition government. I think that this is impossible because the Americans want the Taliban Movement to isolate itself from Al-Qa’ida Organization, and this is a wrong idea at present. Al-Qa’ida Organization has a different objective. Al-Qa’ida has set a trap for the Americans in Afghanistan , and now they moved to the Middle East. A broad-based government can be formed in Afghanistan immediately after the Americans leave Afghanistan.

(Faruq) Is there still something hidden from the public concerning the Abbottabad operation in which Usama Bin Ladin was killed?

(Hamid Gul) Certainly. Usama Bin Ladin has died and they have closed the unit that was pursuing Bin Ladin at the CIA headquarters. During the three years in which George Bush (name as published) was in office he did not even mention Usama Bin Ladin. Obama wanted to put an end to the war. He wanted to be a president of peace. They have worked out a plan for our Pakistani people. When they knew that some family members of Usama Bin Ladin were living in Abbottabad, the issue of Raymond Davis (the American CIA agent who killed two Pakistani citizens in Lahore) surfaced, which led to tensions between the CIA Director Panetta and Lieutenant General Shuja Pasha, director of the Pakistani Intelligence Service. This has forced the CIA to announce that it does not trust the Pakistani Intelligence Service, and later, the Americans carried out that unilateral operation.

(Faruq) Have you read the statements of daughters and wives of Usama Bin Ladin that they saw the Americans shooting Bin Ladin at a close range. They made these confessions during the interrogations by the Pakistani Intelligence officials, and the information was then leaked to the media.
(Hamid Gul) These allegations do not deserve comment since I do not believe them at all.

(Faruq) Is Ayman al-Zawahiri, leader of Al-Qa’ida Organization, present in Pakistan or in a tribal area?

(Hamid Gul) I think that he left for Yemen. I do not think that he is in Pakistan. He got married in Bajaur, but I think that the center of gravity of Al-Qa’ida Organization has shifted to the Middle East, to Yemen. We do not have an extensive presence for Al-Qa’ida Organization in Pakistan. We only have 24 persons.

(Description of Source: London Al-Sharq al-Awsat Online in Arabic — Website of influential London-based pan-Arab Saudi daily; editorial line reflects Saudi official stance. URL:”

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9 Responses

  1. When the pentagon invites, and has as their guests terrorist for lunch, it leads people to wonder what is wrong with this picture.

    Didn’t the news today write a ‘leading ‘ terrorist just died?

    • Yes Debbie they did – Anwar al-Awlaki, a U.S.-born Islamist militant, was killed in Yemen on Friday in a CIA drone strike – link to

      Would I believe anything an ISI man said, probably not.

      Zawahiri was initially responsible for bringing terrorist groups into the Al-Qaeda tent, so he roamed everywhere between Morocco and Indonesia. If he’s left Pak then he’d be nuts to go to Yemen because its just another Predator target range. If he wanted to lie low he’d be better off going to Dagestan or Chechyna, where he has friends, the US wont find easy to track him there, much less send in a Predator carrying a couple of Hellfires.

      I doubt Zawahiri has much value within al-Qaeda now that OBL’s gone, he was their Mergers and Acquisitions specialist, those days are probably over. His main value now is the consumption of US resources in tracking him down and killing him.

    • He wasn’t a known terrorist when he was invited to the Pentagon.

      Which raises an interesting question: was he not a terrorist back then, or was he just not a known terrorist? Known, by whom?

      Either way, it’s not exactly soothing that they singled out Awlaki as their go-to moderate Muslim imam.

      Ah, the Pentagon. Donald Rumsfeld, ladies and gentlemen! Let’s give him a big round of applause. Awesome, Donald! You rock!

  2. Ahmadinejad makes his false claims as much to annoy Al-Qaeda as to annoy everyone else.

    Don’t fret AQ he’ll be gone in a couple of years, but by then Egypt might have a like minded president.

  3. Sorry for the trivial reminder, but Iran and Al-Queda are mortal enemies. So, they can exchange all kinds of insults, this does not mean much

  4. Juan,

    “When al-Qaeda accuses you of being a conspiracy theorist, you’re really a space cadet.”

    That one liner cracked me up this morning. Thanks. I needed a good laugh. I even guffawed tonight as I passed it on to another blog, one where the viewers are mostly interested in Wall Street. Of course, I pointed out the really good pics that you posted from the protest. Glad that you were there.

    Thanks also for being a great Prof at an outstanding University in the Midwest. I’m an old alum of Illinois which places second to UM in many areas.

  5. Whether Ahmadinejad is a space cadet or the most sober and discerning of statesmen, as long as al-Qa’eda wants to boast of their accomplishment, they’re going to blow off anybody that questions their role in that event. Their judgment is a function of themselves, not of Ahmadinejad or anyone else.

  6. Iran’s supreme leader assails two-state solution for Palestinians and Israel
    Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said the Palestinians should not limit themselves to seeking a country within the West Bank, east Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip — which would implicitly recognize Israel — because “all land belongs to Palestinians.”


    Khamenei, who spoke at a pro-Palestinian conference in Tehran, called Israel a “cancerous tumor” that should be removed.

    link to

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