The New Legal Landscape for Civil Liberties after 9/11

Here is a video courtesy of WDET of a recent American Civil Liberties Union event at Wayne State University, wherein I talk about the ways in which academic work has become more difficult since September 11. I also talk about our Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for any documents they are holding in their files on me, given the revelation in the New York Times in June that the Bush White House asked high officials at the CIA to dig up dirt on me so as to destroy my reputation. The other panelists are ACLU national security attorney Zachary Katznelson and ACLU attorney Noel Saleh. The moderator is WDET reporter Nicole Christian.

I fear you’ll have to sit through a commercial at the beginning. You may need to click the little arrow on the bottom left again after it to get the event going.

Video streaming by Ustream

A pdf transcript is available here

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