Israel’s Strangulation of Gaza by the Numbers

The Israeli navy illegally interfered with Gaza aid ships on the high seas, Friday, kidnapping the people on the two vessels and sending the ships involuntarily to an Israeli port. The Geneva Convention of 1949 on people in occupied territories forbids their mistreatment.

Israel’s strangulation of Gaza by the numbers:

Truckloads of goods per year allowed by Israel into Gaza today: 1,000

Truckloads of goods per year allowed by Israel into Gaza in 2005: 2,500

Exports from Gaza to the rest of the world allowed by Israel: 0

Annual cost of the Israeli blockade to the Gaza economy: ~ $2 billion

Unemployment rate in Gaza, 2010: 37.4%

Percentage of households in Gaza living below the poverty line of $2 a day: 77%

Percentage of the 1.6 million Palestinians of Gaza who are minors: 50%

Percentage of households in Gaza that are food insecure: 61%

Percentage of Palestinian children in Gaza who are stunted from malnutrition: 15%

Percentage of Palestinian infants aged 3 months to one year who are anemic: 76%

Number of key medicines which have gone out of stock in Gaza because of the blockade and consequent money problems: 163

Percentage by which real per capita Gaza gross domestic product in 2011 is below per capita gdp of of 1993: 35%

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  1. Percentage of households in Gaza that are food insecure: 61%

    Percentage of Palestinian children in Gaza who are stunted from malnutrition: 15%

    Complaining that Gilad Shalit was “poorly nourished” because his diet was “primarily Gazan”: Priceless.

  2. Exports from Gaza to the rest of the world allowed by Israel: 0

    What possible justification can the Obama administration have for not

    1) Saying this is unacceptable.

    2) Committing to tangible consequences for Israel if its export ban is not lifted.

    What role can an export ban play in preventing military items from reaching supposed terrorists?

    Gaza is the clearest example of Barack Obama’s betrayal of humanity and the ideals of justice and reducing suffering.

  3. The folks most responsible this heinous act of genocide are American evagelicals who unequivocally support the Jewish theft of Palestinian lands and the persecution and murder of the Palestinian people based on rapture fantasies and belief in phony prophecies concerning Israel and the second coming of Christ. These folks put their unreal beliefs before their own people and nation.

  4. As in all change, a loud, consistent voice is need once a thoughtful position has been decided upon.

    Thankyou, Professor

  5. Who is the Real Threat to World Peace?

    Who has built a secret nuclear weapons arsenal estimated at 200 warheads?
    Who has refused to allow its inspection by the IAEA?
    Who has denied even possessing any nuclear weapons of mass destruction?
    Who offered the apartheid regime of South Africa, nuclear bomb technology?
    Who is in gross breach of UN resolutions regarding occupied territories?
    Who is in violation of the Geneva Convention on Human Rights?
    Who is in breach of their association agreement with the EU?
    Who continues with hundreds of illegal settlements on occupied land?
    Who continues with illegal evictions in east Jerusalem?
    Who forged EU passports for a state-sponsored assassination in Dubai?
    Who killed 720 civilians including over 300 children in Operation Cast Lead?
    Who used prisoners as human shields?
    Who used banned white phosphorus as a chemical weapon against civilians?
    Who deliberately contaminated southern Lebanon with cluster bombs?
    Who still holds in prison thousands of political prisoners?
    Who has a charter that categorically prohibits a Palestinian state?
    Who has built an illegal town half way between Nablus and Ramallah?
    Who builds and sells unmanned aerial drones capable of delivering WMD?
    Who builds and sells cluster bombs and guns to regimes worldwide?
    Who are only the second largest indigenous people of (former) Palestine?
    Who were the terrorist organizations called LEHI and Irgun Zvai Leumi?
    Who represents a minority of only about one third of their own people?
    Who has the backing of a very powerful lobby group in the US legislature?
    Who is the recipient of billions of dollars every year from the US congress?
    Who receives billions of dollars worth of offensive military equipment?
    Who treats the United Nations and the world with contempt?

    • Who allows this to continue by giving millions and millions of dollars and weapons to Israel?

  6. It appears that President Abbas in his Statement before the 66th Session of the General Assembly highlights the ultimate truth of Israel’s policies as the occupying power are clearly one-sided and seen to have gained momentum of support by the US and other European powers and are perceived as the status quo or norm for Palestine. “The systematic confiscation of the Palestinian lands and homes”…”the brutality of aggression and racial discrimination against Palestinians,the multi-pronged policy of ethnic cleansing,its blockade on the Gaza Strip, targeting civilians by assassinations, air strikes and artillery shelling, kidnappings, killings and unjust arrest and imprisonment of thousands of men women and children, obstruction of Palestine’s entire destiny means that Israel has orchestrated the perfect Holocaust against a defenseless people. These people, Palestine, are a historic rich culture and deserve to regain their complete freedom from Israel and its Zionist plot to annihilate them lest we have to live with the remorse of permitting it to happen. If the UN won’t exercise its powers to bring a complete halt to Israel’s war crimes & crimes against humanity in Palestine, the nations must each take a stand and come to the defense of an important part of our society…Palestine. As a world society, we must not let Israel succeed in its perverse genocide of a beautiful people simply for greed or due to a perverted sense of self-exaltation that is driving their sadistic martyrdom of the Palestinians. We must pressure our governments to act promptly and appropriately for truth freedom and justice for Palestine! We have no more time to waste…lest there is nothing left to save!

  7. The decision to create Israel was an emotional one, but the decision to abandon the Zionist experiment will be financial.
    We simply cannot afford Israel.

  8. The blockade has benefiting neither the Irsaelis nor any one else other than Hamas. Hamas taxes the “tunnel economy” as a revenue source and a source of employment for tis supporters

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