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  1. Hi Juan,

    Truthdig is missing in action. Could you post your article here?


  2. Juan excels in tying together the increase in state college tuition with the War on Drugs and rise of the US gulag (more prisoners and a higher rate of incarceration than any other country). The mistake of Prohibition was limited; it only encouraged the Mafia and the corruption of the police. The contemporary version destroys democracy.

    Objects confiscated from dealers become police property and are sold. These funds liberate the police from legitimate oversight. No-knock arrest warrants and militarization allow the cops to feel perfectly safe breaking into homes at night spreading terror. The poor schmucks who are arrested and cannot afford good lawyers (disproportionately people of color) serve in prisons which are a jobs program for depressed rural areas. After release, the felons often cannot vote, a special bonus for the GOP.

  3. Thank you for that article. I especially liked the graphic.

    It is Nov 22. Not a single mention of JFK anywhere online so far today. But a helicopter crashing while trying to put up a Christmas tree in New Zealand (two days before Thanksgiving) made the news. And the Dead Sea Scrolls…..

  4. This is a brilliant article, especially linking the students’ protests to the ‘neoliberal’ draconian cuts-in-action that drive education costs through the roof.

    While the fat cats get richer.

    I particularly recommend Juan’s unusual ability to link fact to fancy–dollar changes on the ground produce concrete social movements in a one-to-one linkage in his science. And he’s right on. In all his commentary you see this.

    By the way, where’d that great term ‘neoliberal’ come from? It’s the current administration’s failings in a nutshell. Did…the great Juan…coin it all by himself??

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