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  1. No, Professor, you’ve got it all wrong! Iran is Threatening Our BASES. Doncha see? “We” or our patent hegemonists have the Absolute Exceptionalist God-Given (OUR God, that is) Right To Put Little Americas Anywhere We Damn Please, for good, bad or indifferent reasons, all of which are By Definition In The National Interest.


    • This unjustified war doesn’t do a thing for me personally and i can not see where any one benefits either.In fact i think america is in dire straights as a result of this hideous blood bath .I don’t even know why we are there and why we have bases all over the world.We are not the boss of the world.We have no right to meddle in the affairs of others and police people in other countries.we are BROKE REMEMBER?

  2. And just in case everybody missed or overlooked this little gem, kind of on a par with what Bacevich sort of did, here’s a voice of SmedleyButlerism from the present:

    link to tampabay.com

    Can’t hardly wait to look this up on the ‘net and see how many Red-Blooded Pin-Headed ‘Murkans call Col. (ret.) Yngling a Commie Traitor. Or something similar.

    We have reached the point of rapid upward inflection on the asymptotic curve of “Stupid” versus “Time As An Empire…”

  3. The map doesn’t mention surface and subsurface forces at sea, and long-range air from Diego Garcia and CONUS.

  4. I can’t speak to the accuracy of the map in Afghanistan and the Middle East, but almost all the bases supposedly in Central Asia are a figment of the mapmaker’s imagination. Mostly, they are bases that never existed, and one (in Uzbekistan) was shut down in 2005.
    Most absurd perhaps, are the two bases marked in northern Kyrgyzstan; Manas and Ganci. That is and always has been _one_ base. Ganci was just the informal name for what is now called Manas Transit Center.
    These gross mistakes make me doubtful, maybe unjustly, of the accuracy of the map as a whole.

    • I second this. Though the general point (of U.S. military presence in the Middle East) is well-taken, the number of factual errors greatly reduce its legitimacy.

    • The Central Asian bases are very dubious. I was in Uzbekistan with the Peace Corps in 2002-2004 and there was not a base in Chirchiq that I am aware of at that time. Apparently there were some soldiers stationed in an old Soviet base there in 2001.

      • Apparently there were some soldiers at an old Soviet base, sez Don Naggie.

        US soldiers on an old Soviet base is called a new US military base, Don.


  5. That’s why US wants to force Iran bow down, because Iran the last remaining place on earth where there is no US presence, no US corrupt system of militarism and bribing the politicians and creating dependent, subservient regimes..

    • Yeah, if only more countries would follow Iran’s glowing example of resisting US influence…and, you know, massive oppression of its citizenry and the willingness to use violence against its citizenry to prevent reform.

      • This reminds me of something an American progressive wrote in praise of “revolutionary” Cuba. He said something to the effect that “its true that have to wait in line for hours to receive their weekly egg, one can’t survive on one’s official salary, there is endless propaganda in the media and everyone is afraid to say what they think, BUT, Cubans are proud they are sticking their finger in Uncle Sam’s eye”. I wonder if that is really true. How many people in the world go around worrying about American foreign policy? Maybe they note that America’s allies generally have as many eggs available as anyone would want and that is more important than worrying about how many bases the US has in the Middle East.

      • Ahhh, Seth. I’m not sure if your being straight forward or sarcastic. A couple of years ago I would have taken that statement as blatant sarcasm, but I look even in the MSM today and I see America using violence against its citizens to prevent reform, which I guess would qualify as massive oppression against its citizenry.
        Point being, neither regime seems to have any moral high ground, so…what’s your point?

      • Oppression of its citizenry? You mean, kind of what is practiced here at home in the Grand Old Republic of America? And gee, what a great thought, that people in locales here on Our Soil are “resisting the influence of the Bad Parts of the Kleptocracy and the subset called the MIC…” Oh, and I see today that privatized prisons are going to start charging inmates for their “room and board,” up to $150 a day, which I guess they will be able to offset by doing slave labor in the industrial side of the prison-industrial complex! US Great! Everywogwhere Else Bad!

        Oh, I get it now, Seth — you were being IRONIC, right?

      • You guys are getting close to the REAL and vital US interests here: If Iran is allowed to get away with such blatant SASS, there will be no end to it, worldwide.

        With their example, and its potential success (merely in the region), what you have is far worse than some theoretic and incremental domino theory, that could lead to the spontaneous implosion of the American Way Of Life. The BRICS of the world could/would be empowered not to cooperate with American best interests on any number of issues, and the whole system of assumptions we live on would be in serious question.

        As it is, if a single country, Argentina for example, doesn’t play ball, it can be subtlety disciplined and managed with no undue drama. Their economic health can be modulated by trade policy as preferential policies are withdrawn or steered toward others who are more amenable. The essence of a kinder and gentler soft power is its transparency and civility. Its pretty well agreed by everyone that in cases where military resources have to be mobilized that there has been a failure of such modern diplomacy.

        Iran is not playing ball, and it is attempting to “game” a system designed to integrate them within the community of nations (in its proper subordinate place, rest assured). So, it is this critical issue of insubordination within the modern scheme that is at stake.

        There is no question that Iran has through its actions and statements been DARING the US/Israel to attack it. They think this is all a big chess game. They think have every contingency covered and that they have US/Israeli options boxed in. They are wrong. Putting aside Israeli pressure (!!!), the continuing existence of the American Way Of Life is what is really at stake. These guys are potential disrupting the whole economic system (that matters, anyway), and THEY ARE JUST ASKING FOR IT.

      • You mean like our police forces using pepper spray on peaceful Occupy protesters to prevent reform?

  6. England, which for years has hit the Iranian people. The reservation. Separating Afghanistan from Iran. Occupation of southern Iran. Oil removal. Deal with National Iranian Oil Industry. Coup and the Shah’s government. And forced hundreds of other contracts.
    United States of America 1953 coup against the Mossadeq government in Iran and the Iranian people’s suppression.
    Iran played in America Kapytalism law. Deal with the situation to their advantage. Backed dictatorship of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. In its embassy in Tehran, has advanced features for spying. Participated in the assassination of the Iranian people. Supported the terrorist group MKO. In the war against Iran, Saddam helped. The people and the Iranian government, the interests of his country were cut off, the sanctions on Iran. All businesses and governments can threaten not to cooperate with Iran.
    Israel already has nuclear terrorism and Iran’s nuclear scientists. America has always supported Israel and will veto any UN resolutions against Israel. America’s main opposition is composed of a Palestinian state. Bin Laden is a Bush family business partner and oil. America has hundreds of thousands of nuclear warheads and nuclear. America is for oil and economic interests and political world on fire.
    I think Iran is the only one to think of independence and to defend himself is accused of?
    United States policy of America, the salt is a political satire.

  7. Man! Think of the savings if the US could close as little as 50% of those bases!

    We might even be able to hire teachers again, or provide medical care to the poor, or revitalize the rail system…

  8. Breaking news: The US is asking (how politely I don’t know) that Iran return the drone, in the course of which Obama is making noises about respecting each others sovereignty.

    Who makes this stuff up? Is he somehow playing that 9-dimensional vulcan chess here?

    • It’s at least ELEVEN dimensions, man… At least!

      And of course Obama is merely a convenient, current personification/reification for the whole rotting sickness that is the American-style excrescence of the repeating-rifle thing called the Grand Imperial Dead-End. Our Prez is just the immediate Sum (and convenient focus, for the moment) of all Hopes, all Tribal Hates, all Manipulable Fears (including Fear of Inevitable Change, almost totally For The Worse.) To credit him with sole authorship of all the crap that is flying toward the turbine blades is just, like, totally wrong.

      Some of us cynical curmudgeons actually rub our hands together in anticipatory glee, one of the few impulses we share with the sh*ts who are, in a zillion little personally profitable stratagems and Games, moving us toward our own apocalypse, at the thought of a “President Gingrich” and Veep Sara and John Bolton as SoS. Kewl! And all that will hasten the cleansing, the Ragnarok… link to en.wikipedia.org

      • As my only exhibit, I offer in evidence the following link:

        link to wired.com

        But the webspace has a million more to choose from.

        Species: Idioticus Americanae
        Extinction date: Within a decade of 2020

  9. you’re right.cowboys always treated the other like red indian.neverchange

  10. The source of this is a forum post on the Democratic Underground. On that post it is entirely unsourced. Without a source, it is impossible to know exactly what it is we’re looking at. This could be U.S. bases, or it could be places in the Middle East with airfields used by the U.S., or it could be anything else. It could be based on anything or nothing. Without knowing who made this map, we have no way of knowing if it is accurate, or even if it is intended to represent what we’ve been told it represents.

  11. Wars are not begun by Joe and Suzy citizen. Sociopaths in government and business start wars. That is why we need to screen candidates for public office before we permit them to run. Neuro-scientists can “see” brain characteristics typical of a sociopath using an fMRI.

    Refer to: link to thirdworldtraveler.com

  12. you guys so serious……. obviously this was made for humor. obviously there are us bases in middle east,and does it matter how many??? and there are no Iranian bases around America so i do not see how America should feel threatened. I really hate how America tries to promote democracy when people in America are provided health care based on their health… how 99% works for a mere 1%.

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