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  1. There seems to be growing impatience with the Arab League in the streets of Syria. Last night, BBC World News did a piece from Homs that had a protestor saying on camera, in English, “All the Arab League does is issue ultimatums and all we do is die in our streets.”

    I am beginning to wonder how effective the “monitors” will be, and how much mobility and freedom of movement the Syrian government will allow them once they do arrive in the country.

  2. I bet the folks who plan “our” foreign (and the subsumed “domestic”) policy here in the US (like most other people, I have given up calling it “America,” if only to save keystrokes) are watching very carefully to see if Bashar Bashad and his people can successfully suppress the people who dare to ask for a little more of the wealth and benefits that their 1% have in spades. by simple military smashing, or by divide-and-conquer, or by any of the other little stratagems that will maintain their kleptocracy in place and in power. And what lessons will they draw from whatever happens over there, with or without whatever “US” interventions might be happening, for good or ill?

    It seems to me that there’s a fairly clear sense of a growing yearning for decency and fairness, seasoned with what, jealousy of the perks of the few at the expense of the many, or just righteous sentiments occasioned by the gulf between the myth of “justice under law” and the reality of kleptocracy, that’s gotten to be like an angry boil or an impacted wisdom tooth – infected and inflamed, and waiting for some trigger or process to break out and either heal, or become a systemic disease that kills the whole body…

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