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  1. But wait, there’s more, as Billy Mays would have said.

    After more than twenty years of cooperation in the nuclear field between the Republic of South Africa (RSA) and the major Western powers, the fact that the apartheid regime could become the first African country to have a nuclear weapon should not be a surprise. For Zdenek Cervenka and Barbara Rogers, authors of the most comprehensive study on the history of South Africa’s nuclear program, the role of the Western powers in this process – which threatens the entire African continent – is undeniable. Indeed, they argue that “the United States, Israel, West Germany, France and Britain have all helped South Africa by providing various equipment, fissile material, cutting edge technology and financial support that enabled it to build an atomic bomb.”…

    Since 1970, we have seen the formation of a Paris-Tehran-Pretoria-Tel Aviv axis in the nuclear field. In this four-way relationship, France and Israel provide the technology, Iran the oil, and the Republic of South Africa the uranium. The Shah might even have been tempted to help fund an expensive uranium enrichment plant on South African territory, in exchange for which his nuclear plants would receive uranium oxide (and later, enriched uranium) without having to submit to the international safeguards currently in force. Similarly, in Israel’s case, its need for uranium complements South Africa’s need for nuclear technology. The U.S. magazine Newsweek reported last year that U.S. intelligence services suspected that the bomb that South Africans were about to explode might have been of Israeli manufacture…

    Comment l’Afrique du Sud a pu mettre au point « sa » bombe nucléaire (How South Africa was able to develop “its” nuclear bomb; paras 2 & 10, translation mine). Howard Schissel, Le Monde diplomatique, Sept 1978.

    • Even Apartheid S. Africa wouldn’t have the chutzpah to cry wolf and lead the charge against a hypothetical Nigerian nuclear program.

  2. If Iran was an ally to Israel today, as it was during the Shah’s dictatorial reign, Iran’s nuclear program would not be an issue. Hardly anyone would raise a peep — certainly not the US Congress, which is “bought and paid by the Israel lobby” (© Tom Friedman) and consistently acts as an arm of the Israeli government that has no qualms about spending US blood and treasure to make the world safe for ethnic cleansing, land theft, and Apartheid in Palestine.

    This just goes to illustrate that the brouhaha about Iran’s alleged quest for nuclear weapons is just a fig leave – just like WMD canard that was used to whip up hysteria and support for Iraq invasion in 2003. Just as in the case of Iraq’s debacle, this is not about nuclear weapons/power. It all about making the region/world safe for Zionism, as previously spelled out by the zio-supremacists/Israel-firsters’ “strategy for securing the realm” for the Zionist settler-colonialist enterprise. (link to en.wikipedia.org).

  3. It is worth remembering that Paul Wolfowitz lobbied for GE in DC to get nuclear power plants to Iran in the 70s.

    • While we lotus eaters are stumbling around amongst our fellow Eloi, one might hope that other slightly aged facts and myths might enlighten us too — not ruddy likely but, let us remember “Wag the Dog”, and so much else. There’s a certain amount of tolerance in any living system for aberrations and disease processes (like the whole MIC sickness), but there’s also a limit to the re-stabilizing function. I wonder where we are along the old curve of binding energy…

      But like so much in life, important bits of history, and clues in the hunt for a path to species survival and a decent life, in the “fog of forever war,” are “so darn hard to remember, and so easy to forget.” link to youtube.com

  4. The USA has trained its citizens to watch and gobble-down ads. Also twinkies, fattening thises and thatses, and fear. The USA’s admen understand selling fear. The USA sells fear of Iran’s bomb. JUST AS IF it somehow threatened anyone at all, esp. the USA. Americans are taught/conditioned to believe ads, not to question them.

    Feel good! Feel hungry! Feel FEAR!

    Look for a tall, dark, handsome WAR in your future.

    • On the other hand, Hostess, the maker of twinkies, has declared bankruptcy. Maybe the media/industrial-military complex will be next? Fewer of us are buying what they sell.

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